Wagon Wheels… the great debate.

Wagon Wheels

Yep you’ve guessed it.. I bought some Wagon Wheels when I went shopping the other day.. and up went the cries of, “Hey these have friggin shrunk, they were a lot bigger years ago”.  But is it true?

Well according to Burton’s Biscuit Co., they haven’t shrunk.  What Burton’s do say is this:

  • Contrary to popular belief, Wagon Wheels have not actually got smaller, most often our first Wagon Wheel experience is in childhood and hence our hands are much smaller.

Now I can relate to that kind of perception, because when I was a young child and we lived in Rochester, Jackson’s fields was our nearest park.  And as a child it seemed massive and and never ending.  Yet as an adult as I drive past, it seems nowhere near as big as I thought back then.  So yes I guess the same applies to Wagon Wheels, perhaps they are the same size and it is because we had them as children that they seemed so big and so morish.

Of course the other half, is not going to accept this.. he has made his mind up that they have shrunk and really should be called ‘Hub Caps’ now as they do not resemble a Wagon Wheel and to sell them as Wagon Wheels is a breach of the sale of goods act.. 😀

Anyway, Wagon Wheels aside, I was talking to a good friend the other day and they sent me some shots of sweeties from years gone by.. How many can you remember?  And which ones where your favourites?… Mine were Bar Six Country Style, Milk Tray, Opal Fruits, Opal Mints…

And who can remember the days when Lucozade was in a proper bottle and wrapped in cellophane?

LucoazadeAnd when Milk Tray were delivered like this…


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