HG Mould Spray

WHG Mould Spraye all love a sparkling shiny bathroom, but no matter how much we scrub and clean it, sometimes we get plagued with that black mould… especially around the areas that have mastic on them..

Yes, all these bathroom sealants say, they are mould resistant but honestly I have never found one that was.  

And when that black mould arrived, we would try every product under the sun, to get rid of it… but to no avail.  Which finally left us with no more options other than to remove the mastic and reseal the bath or shower.  And it was even worse if that mould set into the grouting of tiles.. you had to remove the grout and re-grout the entire lot of tiles.

It is a job that people hate.. but now there is an alternative, where you don’t have to regrout or reseal your bath or shower.  It is called HG mould spray.

Yes I watched the above commercial and thought here we go again, another product that some company is trying to flog, which again will turn out to be nothing but false promises.

So the burning question was do I try it or not?  At £5.98 a bottle from B & Q, I was tempted to leave it on the shelf.. But as the other half has already had to do the resealing once in our shower.. I thought, why not try it.. as good quality mastic is dearer than that.

So home I came, armed with a bottle of HG Mould Spray, and thinking that I had just probably wasted six quid..

Next step was trying it out.. My other half, took one bottle, read the instructions and applied it to black spots in the mastic…. waited 30 minutes and returned..

Hey Presto.. MOULD GONE.

This produce DID exactly what it said on the bottle… WOW … I am impressed.. so for us there is no more resealing mastic and re-grouting.. we just get out the old HG Mould Spray and let it do its magic…  So if you are suffering from black mould.. before you arm yourself with either a stanley knife to remove the mastic or some paste that makes the mastic easy to remove.. go out and buy this product.. it really does work.

If you want more product reviews you can read the B & Q website for this products reviews, where many people are singing its praises.

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It has to be 5 Stars….


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  1. hi there is other options we always use wykamol MCS1 to clean and sterilise wall as you need to kill the spores of the mould then you should use MCS3 Mould Additive to use within the paint to prevent further mould growth


    1. Bren says:

      Our mould was actually on the bathroom sealant and not the paint.. But thanks for that tip.. we will look in to where to purchase this additive as part of our bathroom is painted.. and touch wood.. so far we have not had any mould on the paint.


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