HG Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner

JHG Oven Grill Barbecue Cleanerust a few minutes ago, I posted about HG Mould Spray and how good it was.. well as a continuation of my reviews on HG products, I would like to comment on their Oven, grill and barbecue cleaner.

Yes the day I picked up the Mould Spray… I also decided to try their oven cleaner which was priced at £4.98 at B & Q.  Would it work or would I just be throwing a fiver down the drain?  

I had absolutely no idea… but I was prepared to give it a shot.

As many readers of this blog know, I suffer from PMR and it causes pain in the large muscle as well muscle weakness.  So heavy strenuous jobs like scrubbing the racks in my oven and cleaning the oven itself, are quite painful.. Luckily I have a husband that will do this for me as my hands suffer from joint effusions that make gripping a brillo pad hard work.. and my hands don’t have the strength to apply the pressure needed to get those black marks and burnt on grease stains from the racks of my oven.

He doesn’t moan about doing these little jobs but deep down inside me I feel guilty that he has to do them.. Anyway, when I saw the HG oven cleaner on the shelf of B & Q, I decided to give it a try.

Today was that day.. the hardest thing I found about the whole process was turning the knob to the ON position.  You have to press down and twist.. and this its self is a task especially when your hands and fingers ache like mine do…

Finally when I managed to get the bottle ON, I sprayed the racks and bottom and sides of the oven.. Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to work.  I have tried numerous oven cleaners.. but there is nothing like elbow grease to clean an oven..

So I wasn’t that optimistic.. which I know I should have been.. because their mould spray worked so why wouldn’t their oven cleaner work?

I waited and lo and behold the racks started to glisten again.. the burnt on fat was disappearing before my eyes.  And with a just a slight rubbing with a stainless-steel scouring pad.. the burnt on marks were gone, without me having to apply pressure and suffering from aching hands afterwards..

Now you know what it is like normally when you have to clean the oven, you are armed with.. brillo pad, stainless steel scourer and hot soaping water.  Elbow grease and a whole lot of sweat and tears is what it takes.. just to get the racks looking even near descent, yet alone the oven.  But I was gobsmacked at how marvellous this was working and how the burnt on grease stains were being lifted.

So off to the oven.. after a mammoth task of getting down on the floor.. a quick spray and then leave it to work.. After about 5 minutes I returned and again the dirt just wiped away.. And do you know what?.. I didn’t even have to wear rubber gloves.. the stuff didn’t sting my hands and neither did it make my hands and fingers feel as if they were going to drop off due to the pain I get when I have to try and use any sort of pressure with them.

Rating out of 5 stars

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star half star

I have deducted the half star simply because of getting the bottle turned onto the ON position… You have to press and twist and when you have hands that don’t want to do things like press and twist bottle tops, it does make it rather painful to do, hence the missing half star.


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