P1050346 (Large)We are back.. phewww!!! You just don’t know how much hard work this has been to get our own blogging platform… You guessed it guys and gals… err indoors has said she has too much to contend with.. what with not feeling well, having to try and maintain the house and blogging.. so our blog had to be knocked on the head.

Flaming cheek of the woman.. who the hell does she think she is?  Our master.

Little sis has been in a right old two and eight about it.. eventually she decided to demolish the kitchen floor in hope that we get her attention…


So we compromised.. more like she told me and little sis what was happening and we had to bark and bear it.  But who cares.. I don’t care if me and little sis blog here or on our own blog.. just as long as we are blogging.

We know she has not been well.. and we do feel sorry for her.. but us retrievers have to stick together in dire times.. and it was dire not being able to tell you guys about our antics.

Anyway, our poppa and momma took us to the beach.. she expected me to get into that water and freeze my nicky nacky noos off.. little sis didn’t have any dangly bits to worry about.. but me.. my doghood was not going to shrivel under no circumstances.. I can tell you that.

Anyway little sis went in.. and she was having a whale of a time.. splish splashing around.. with poppa getting his feet wet.  Me I was standing on the water’s edge with my tail between my legs feeling all left out.. Anyway momma saw I was being a missy dog and all upset and  and came down and encouraged me into the water..

It wasn’t that bad.. once my nicky nacky noos got used to it.. in fact I quite enjoyed myself… swimming around with little sis trying to pebbles that didn’t seem to float..

And just as I started to enjoy myself.. guess what .. poppa said it was time to go home.. Anyway they have promised me and little sis we can go again…

So me and little sis are back blogging and getting up to mischief.  the things that girl has ripped up is no-man’s business.. and then do you know what she does? She plants the evidence in my mouth… well that is what I tell err indoors.

So this summer we have helped dad put up a fence.. the next door neighbour’s garden is real posh you know.. they have grass.. Why don’t we have grass?  And what does poppa mean when he replies, “Well we did have grass until you two got here.”  Is he accusing us of ruining his lawn.. not me, little sis maybe but me I am such a good boy.. I can’t help it if little sis plants the dirt on my claws and on my nose now can I!

Hopefully she will get her act together and allow us to blog more often.. that is providing she doesn’t want to rant and rave at that guy on the TV.. the one she says is Dishface.. but I am sure until his name it said Prime Minister.. not dishface.. mind you us pooches ain’t that clever at spelling you know.

So for now I will say woof woof.. catch you later.. I have got some sleep time to catch up on… I have plans this afternoon of what, I,sorry little sis can wreck later on.


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