Christmas is coming..

CChristmas Treehristmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.

Now I don’t know about you, but there is something about Christmas that you either love or hate.. and to be honest at times I do have the Bah-Humbug feeling at times.  Honestly I preferred it when mum did the cooking, me and my mates headed for the Christmas Eve disco and buying presents was fun.. along with the parties, the over-consumption of alcohol and mum’s punch, that lacked the lemonade.    At least it got everyone totally sloshed and in the party spirit…

Now, me and cooking don’t get on.. if it doesn’t come out of a jar, packet or the freezer.. you don’t get it.. simples.

And the thought of having to cook the Christmas Cake and Puddings was something that resulted in me … running to Tescos and buying their Finest Christmas Cake and most alcoholic Christmas pudding I could find.

forget-christmas-and-bah-humbugBut this year.. I decided Bah-Humbug was going to left in the cupboard and I was going to do a traditional festive season.. Now I am one of these people who leaves the posting of cards to the final day of posting and I end up popping them in the pillar box with a wing and a prayer and hoping and praying that they will be delivered in time.

Presents.. well that was a quick dash, or more to the point.. a quick log-on to the computer and ordering what I want and then waiting for that kind delivery man to deliver them..  I was for the easy life.. no way was I going to spend days being crushed by shoppers who were now at the end of their tether, because the kids were playing up.. the latest fad has sold out and they were in dire need of getting some Christmas spirit to get them through this odious task.

So my start for Christmas actually started in September, when I was in the Range Shopat the Dockside, in Chatham Kent and purchased a nice red table runner for £1.99 and some lovely Xmas crackers at a fantastic price of £7.99.

Parents on both sides are all shopped for.. can’t write what we bought them for obvious reasons.. but they are done and dusted.. Son.. well he is always awkward, just like his dad.. but I am sure I will find the things online.. and as for Nannies little treasure well I have got him a couple of things and have now decided what to buy him for his main present..

So today is the day, that the Christmas Cake was being cooked.. Yes I found a recipe online on the BBC site..


For the cake

For the covering

For the royal icing

Well I have followed the instructions, to the latter, and at 4.20pm today, the cake should emerge from the oven.. now whether it was be fit for human consumption is another matter.  Or whether the birds will be in their element is yet to be seen.. But there again if it is too heavy the poor little buggers will never be able to fly. 😀

If the cake is a success.. next weekend, I will do the Christmas puddings.  I have made these before and it is recipe that my mother used for many years.. and those puddings tasted absolutely gorgeous and so moreish.  Whether mine turn out the same is yet to be seen.. but hopefully I can’t cock it up that much… can I?

So this year Bah-Humbug is being left behind and it is going to be a traditional homemade Christmas… none of this shop bought lark for me… home made cake, puddings and mince pies..

As the time is going down before I find if the cake is OK or not… one thing I do know the house smells lovely.. with the smell of the fruit soaked in lashings of brandy and the spices.  I just hope it turns out as good as it smells.. 😀

Mind you.. I did have to laugh and it was quite funny when I started the Kenwood Chef food mixer up.. those doggies lept out of their box and starting barking and growling at this big white thing making such a noise on the worktop.. Even the doggies are not used to their momma  cooking.. they wondered what the hell was going on. 😀  But they are quite content now to be laying by the oven door.. 😀

So paws of my cake you woofers.  😀


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    1. Bren says:

      I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t.. I found that wonderful Christmas scene via Google.


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