Colour Mask by Schwarzkopf

NColour maskow ladies.. do you dye your hair? Are you trying to banish those grey hairs that are no longer creeping in.. but infiltrating your scalp en masse.

I know I have tried all of the dyes out there going.. from Nice and Easy to John Freida… but when you have hands that have no strength in them, your only option is either get your other half, your best mate  or one of your kids to help, as you find it difficult to squeeze the bottle… Plus the fact you never ever do get the last bit of dye out of those plastic bottles.

tube squeezerWell Schwarzkopf have come up with the perfect solution… hair dye in a tub.  Yes, you have to squeeze the tube of colourant into the tub.. which can be difficult but I squeeze every bit out using the end of a toothbrush.. which reminds me.. when I am out shopping again I must look for a tube squeezer which will make things a whole lot easier.

After you squeeze the dye into the tub, you shake it 40 times to mix and then use two fingers to apply the dye to your hair.. you wait the development time, as you do with any other hair dye and then rinse thoroughly and condition.

There is definitely no more trying to get the last drop out of the bottle.. no more squeezy a bottle until your hands feel as if they are going to drop off.  Just a simple solution that any person can use especially if they have arthritis in their hands or hands that are painful..

I love this hair dye.. this is the second time I have used it and the shade I have used in 910 Pearl Blonde…  And one thing I definitely know is that I won’t be going back to any other dye.. Apart from the colour, which I love, I love the ease of use and the way it conditions my hair.

This dye comes in a variety of shades, so you are bound to find a shade that you will like..

  • 940 Beige Blonde
  • 910 Pearl Blonde
  • 900 Natural Blonde
  • 800 Medium Blonde
  • 750 Dark Gold Blonde
  • 700 Dark Blonde
  • 665 Light Golden Brown
  • 657 Light Copper Brown
  • 600 Light Brown
  • 586 Warm Mahogany
  • 568 Chestnut Brown
  • 550 Golden Brown
  • 400 Dark Brown
  • 300 Black Brown
  • 100 Black

So now for the rating.. well it is definitely four and a half stars out of five.  And the reason I have docked half a star, is simply because of getting the dye out of the tube into the tub.

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Starhalf star



2 Comments Add yours

  1. jean tobin says:

    it looks prety good


    1. Bren says:

      It is a good product. I like it.


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