What a friggin morning I’ve had..


Seriously you couldn’t make this shite up if you tried.  Believe me.  So here goes. About a month ago since the hospital decided to increase my Methotrexate from 15mg a week to 20mg… Well I can assure you.. I wasn’t feeling any better on this stuff and in fact as these least 4 weeks progressed I was feeling more out of breath and absolutely ker-knackered beyond belief.

All I wanted to do for felt like doing was to sit there.. basically I just wanted to roll out of bed and roll straight into the recliner..  I know the aches and pains were subsiding.. but this was no quality of life, believe me.. So much fatigue and with so much to do and so little energy to do it, it felt as if I was getting nowhere fast and it was getting to be a little depressing.  Do you suffer from the aches and pains, by not taking Methotrexate or do you suffer with the side effects?  In face the side effects I think are worse than the aches and pains at times.

Anyway last night I decided I wasn’t taking it this week, and decided to lay off of this Methotrexate for a couple of weeks to see if I could recoup some energy.

137Well I overlayed, don’t think it was to do with not taking the Methotrexate, just me being lazy cow 😀 and this morning I only got woken up by banging on the door.. that was Fiasco number 1.. and when I managed to get down the stairs, there at the door was some guy trying to flog me stuff… FFS I have only just rolled out of the bed.. my brain is nowhere in gear and there you are standing on my doorstep and not understanding what I am saying, when I say, “No sorry mate not interested.. OH is a builder so he does all the necessary.”

Of course the door knocking and me coming downstairs woke the puppies up and they were bounding around the kitchen and little girl starts barking.. frantically… and this guy was still having none of it..

Well I think he understood when I said, “Look what part of I am not interested in don’t you understand?” and he swiftly exited up the drive after I slammed the door on him.  So now to face the bouncing puppies, through to the kitchen to see Dumpling sitting there with her head down and looking sheepish as she had a little tinkle on the floor.. (off to find Salesman so he can mop this mess up, he was the one that got them going).

Well, it wasn’t her fault really.. so I let them out the back and mopped up the floor and put down disinfectant and started to think about doing some housework.. even though I didn’t feel much like it.

dyson_dc07_animal_vacuumI dusted the furniture.. hoovered the lounge and dining room.. and then decided to give the kitchen floor a good wash in Flash and disinfectant, the last thing I want is for kitchen to smell like a dogs urinal…

Of course things have to happen in three’s don’t they.

Of course to do this I had to move the Fridge/Freezer.. my god what an effort.. but I managed it and of course you find all the dogs hairs underneath don’t you?  So back to the hoover and hoover them up.. Bollox.. what a noise as I switched it on.. Clank, groan, whine, clank..  of course I thought something had got jammed.. so looked in all the hoses and they were free from blockage.. but there was no suction.. just this mass of dog hairs from under the fridge, which Stewie and Dumpling thought they would play with, and a hoover that was not playing ball. Grrrrrr.

Fiasco number 2.. trying to retrieve from the retrievers the fur and biscuits that had gone under the fridge/freezer.. yep you guessed it.. Stew and Dumps must have had a Bruce Forsyth moment and thought..”Good game.. Good game”

So with a promise of a Bonio being offered outside they soon left the mess and leapt out the back to grab the Bonios.. quick, indoors and shut the door and leave them in the garden until I have this lot cleaned up.

So back to the hoover, no blockages, so I tried it again.. this time the Clank was louder the whine was so high pitched it could have shattered glass.. and as an added bonus smoke was now coming out of the motor.

Fiasco number 3.. hoover has given up the ghost and decided to retire to Dyson Heaven. Mind you I can’t complain. I have had it about 9 years and I have never had anything go wrong with it. But today of all days.. come on.. what gives?

By this time my body was aching so much and it felt as if I had gone 12 rounds with Tyson.. and been beaten in every round… Surely this can’t be happening to me.. so it was a quick brush of the floor with a broom and a fight again with the woofers.  Fridge/freezer finally clean underneath as well as the rest of the floor. my god you could eat your dinner off the floor now..

So now it was logging on the computer and seeing what hoover to get next.. that was after phoning other half and telling him what I managed to do.. 😀

So tonight it is off to Argos.. to pick up a new Dyson.. yes I suppose I could have the motor repaired and I might just do that at a later date.. so I can have one hoover downstairs and one hoover upstairs, as I can’t carry the hoover upstairs anymore.

Yes I have found one.. apparently it is a lot lighter than the one I have and the reviews from Argos are good.. it is the new ball DC40 multi floor hoover.. Now this should be funny me trying to operate a ball type hoover.. watch out puppies you never know what your mum could suck up with this one.. 😀

Any person who knocks on my door trying to sell me stuff.. please beware, it is not going to be in your best interests knocking.. just bypass my house.. knock either side but don’t knock on my door.  If I want something, I am quite capable of organising it myself.. If I want a new porch or a new drive or some flash expensive render on the outside of my house.. I will arrange it… get it Salesman.. because you had better. 😀

I didnt mean to pee on floor mum.. honestly xx
I didnt mean to pee on floor mum.. honestly xx

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