When shoes made the news…

Nvictoria - flat shoesow I know papers have to fill their pages with news.. and fashion is a topic that many women like.

But seriously.. Victoria Beckham in flat shoes is hardly newsworthy is it?  Yes the showbiz news in the Express, is running a story that Victoria took to wearing flat shoes when she was seen on a day out with, Harper, her sister and nieces.

I know this woman is one of the most photographed women in the world and the paparazzi are not far behind her wherever she travels.. but to do a story on her wearing flat shoes.. is just unbelievable…

Of course the Express have to put this in their article:

Little Harper looked adorable in a sand-coloured coat and matching booties as she sucked on a dummy during her mother/daughter bonding session.

FFS the woman was out shopping… with her daughter, her sister and her children.. Something millions of women do every day.. yet we don’t make the Express headlines.. do we?  This was no mother and daughter bonding session.  Talk about over sensationalising a story.

The way this story is written you would’ve thought Victoria had just found the cure for some tropical disease and the world owes her a debt of gratitude.  Or she pranged her car just like her hubby did back in October.

What is it with the media and celebs?.. There is hardly anything news rivetting in this story unless of course you care to read about Victoria and her bunions.. due to her wearing high heels. 😀

Beckham car involved in crash

However, I have to agree with Victoria on one thing.. Chelsea boots are very comfortable to wear.. 😀  And by the way, David, you should’ve looked where you were going. 😀  There again on saying that, you are not the first driver and I doubt you will be the last driver who has an accident when pulling out of their drive..


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