Back in business…

FDyson DC40 Multifloorinally, I am back in business and my hoover fiasco is now a thing of the past. By jove I loved my DC07 Animal upright cleaner.. and to be honest I was rather gutted when it decided to give up the ghost.

But all is not lost.. I now have purchased another hoover and I am back in business. This time I opted for the DC40 Multifloor upright cleaner.

WOW.. am I impressed.

Firstly, it is so light, I know I loved my DC07, but the problem was I couldn’t carry it anywhere.. my hands would give out and my arms would feel as if they were dropping off every time I tried to lift this hoover.  I hate this PMR.. it is so debilitating at times… and you feel so useless when your arms, hands, shoulders, back and neck refuse to play ball and decide to go on a pain strike.

IMG_3986Luckily I have a husband that is prepared to carry it up and down the stairs for me.. so not really a problem.. The only thing I found, as we have a sunken dining room is that it was hard to carry down those 4 little steps.. but I could manage it, just about.

But I am not one to buy something if I don’t need it.. I’d prefer to struggle on than buy something that is far more easier to use.

So back to my new hoover.. yes we got it home the other night and put it together and yesterday I used it and was impressed.  At first getting used to the ball motion gets some getting used too.  But after you get to grips with the maneuverability, I have found the ball to be very worthy… I love it.  It gets into places where my old Dyson wouldn’t even contemplate entering.

The hoover is light.. believe me.. and so much easier to use.. It works on all floors, including rugs, carpets and vinyl floors.   The only thing I have found is this.. with bathroom mats (as we have a downstairs shower room).. there is far too much suction for it to glide over them.. But that is not a problem.. shake the mat and hoover up the bits.. simples.

The whole hoover is lighter, smaller and more compact but believe me it has better suction than my DC07 ever had… and that had some suction on it.

turbo brushAnd for a Dyson it wasn’t that badly priced either.. we got ours from Argos at £269.99, which was the same price as Currys, and we also got a £10 voucher to spend in Argos.. so not a bad deal after all.

The only downside to this, is the turbo brush that came with my DC07 doesn’t fit.. which is rather a shame as it was an excellent attachment for the stairs.. and it really did pick up those dog hairs.

But I am sure I can live with that..   Now what to do with the old hoover.. it seems such a shame to throw it away, so I have decided that I will put it on the list of jobs to do.. for the other half.. when he gets round to it.. that is if he can be bothered to read the list in the first place 😀

We will get another motor for it and I have found various youtube videos on how to remove and refit the motor.. so I will go out shopping and leave him to watch the video, dismantle the hoover and swear, curse and cuss to his hearts content.. as he tries to get the old hoover back into action.  I bet we have some spares left over, when he puts it back together again 😀  We generally do. 😀

Now for the important part… the star rating.. if I had never had a Dyson before I would give this 5 stars out of 5.  But as I have .. I am deducting half a star because my turbo brush doesn’t fit…

So for me is has to be 4.5 stars out of 5.

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star half star


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