Pet CPR…

Time and time again, during our lives we are shown how to do CPR on a human.. but would you know what to do, if your dog stopped breathing and their heart stopped? Would you know the correct procedure of CPR in order to save their life?  As a nation of animal lovers, perhaps we should all know what to do?

And to be honest, up until today I hadn’t really thought about it.  Yes a small child or human and I know what to do .. but a dog… where do you start?  Where is their heart located? How do you breath into a dog’s mouth.. or do you blow breath into their nostrils.. Well this fact sheet helps to show you how to do CPR

Pet's CPR

And here is a video of how to give your pet dog CPR


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Bren Ryan is a female amateaur photographer who along with her husband, Ashley, have created a photography blog called RyanPhotography showcasing the places they visited places on their Photography journey. Bren and Ashley primarily concentrate their photographic skills to landscape, architecture and floral subjects. Based in the South East of England they hope to give their readers an insight to the wonderful landscapes, buildings and places to visit in the South of England and beyond.

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