Will you, won’t you or have you?

NBridget Jones mad about the boyow I can hear you thinking what the hell is she on about now? Well I am talking about the new Bridget Jones book called Mad About The Boy.

There is nothing like a chick flick.. the saga of Bridget Jones is one of my favourite chick flicks going.. Along with Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral.. 

Could it be the chick flick or Hugh Grant or the charm of Colin Firth? 😀

However, I love the character Daniel Cleaver played by Hugh Grant, but come on Mark Darcy is so warm, tender, loving and such a gentleman… we all love to have a Mark Darcy in our lives.. Successful, charming, and dry-witted.

markdarcyIn the new book, apparently Daniel Cleaver is still on the scene and Bridget is now a widow and a mother of two children by her deceased husband Mark Darcy.

There is nothing like, putting on your jim jams, settling down on the settee, with a glass of wine and watching a chick flick.. but will I be bothered with Bridget Jones’s new episode in her life should it ever come to film.. to be honest I don’t know if I can .. not without Mark Darcy.

According to The Telegraph, Helen Fielding had to kill of Mark Darcy because he was too much of a gentleman to leave Bridget.

I can think of a hundred and one plots where Mark Darcy and Bridget split up.. him wanting to work abroad and Bridget refusing to go… Bridget having an affair with Cleaver, yet again, and Mark storming out.. Bridget getting the seven year itch ..  Even down to Mark Darcy being in a coma .. but come on why kill him off?  Us fans love Mark… and Helen Fielding has just ruined our hopes of what the new book and film is about.

Bridget Jones’s Diary will NOT be the same.. end of.

And life for Bridget Jones without her ending up with Mark is a definite no no.

And in the true sense of the fashion of All you Need is Love…

Well for Mark Darcy ….. that is not going to happen.. what a shame. And I have to ask do you think the third film can be a success without Mark Darcy? And what do you think about Mark Darcy being killed off?  Was the write correct or have they made a grave (pardon the pun) mistake?


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