Owning your blog…

Yowning your bloges that is right folks.. you own your blog. You are responsible for the content and it is your little bit of space in the cyberworld.

Naturally, you have to agree to the hosts terms and conditions and it is not the done thing to use your blog as an harassment tool against people.. But all in all, blogging is your way of expressing yourself.

The burning question is, why do you blog?  Well some people blog for the joy of writing, whilst others might have a particular hobby, like Photography for instance.  On saying that others blog purely to get things of their chest and they find blogging very therapeutic.

Myself, I do it because I enjoy it and this blog is my little piece of cyberspace where I can express my feelings and thoughts on any given subject and also my blog is a place where I can post what I like, within the confines of the law.

Because my husband and I share a hobby, Photography, we have another blog called Ryan Photography, purely dedicated to showing off our photos.. On My Front Porch is mine.. it is my little piece of the virtual world.

Yes people love visitors coming to their blog, but most of all it is not the amount of visitors that come it is the comments that blog owners like… The interaction between total strangers on any given subject.. be whether they agree with the content of the blog post or not.

People find it find it hard at times, to express themselves, especially face to face.. but blogging is a whole new world… You can write to express your feelings… plus you get to interact with people from all around the world.

Comments on blogs are always welcome.. and I know one of my failings is, that I don’t comment enough on other people’s blogs… which I am going to have to remedy.. How can I expect people to comment on my blog, when I can’t be arsed to comment on theirs?

So my November late year resolution, if there is ever such a thing, is to comment more on other people’s blogs..

Yes when you get a notification that someone likes a post you have written it does make blogging seem worthwhile. To me when someone likes a post it shows that they have made an effort to read what you have written and to like a post shows appreciation,. But on saying that a simple comment, to me, is worth a 100 likes and more.

Unfortunately for some people they do get invaded by trolls because what they feel and what they have written about isn’t to that other person’s taste or opinion.  Of course a blog that praises people in comments is nice.. however the truth of the matter is that discussion will only follow if people hold different points of view.  After all, isn’t that what makes us all unique… our different perspectives on things that are important to us?

Blog etiquette is one of the things that some people don’t seem to understand.. They think it is their given right to waltz onto someone’s blog and start ripping the blog owner to bits.. Come on .. that is just not on.  To lay a founded argument down as to why you think their blog post is incorrect is one thing.. but to hurl abuse across cyberspace is just not the done thing.

But what do you do if your inbox and notifications are full of comments, that attack you, the blogger, and not the post.  Personally, I send them to trash or spam.  Wordpress.com has a wonderful Spam tool via Askimet.  So why do I send them there?

Simples really.  I look on my blog as an extension of me.. a part of my world… would I allow total strangers to walk in my home and start calling me all the names under the sun, or criticise my decor or furniture?

Of course I wouldn’t, they would be sent packing with a flea in their ear, as my mum would say.. So I do the same with regards to my blogs.. If people can’t come to my blogs and join the discussion on amicable terms, then bugger off… I don’t want your comments.

If you can provide sound reasoning as to why my post could be wrong, or you want to discuss a particular topic, fine.. come on in and have a chat.. your comments are welcome.

I would never dream of walking into someone’s home and laying down the law and telling them how to do things..and that rule applies to my blogs and how I reflect on other people’s blogs.  Showing someone some common decency goes a long way.. and a good structured comment is worth its weight in gold.

Is it wrong to promote your blog?  Of course not.. people don’t have to visit if they don’t want to.. but some person out there might just enjoy what you have written..

My advice to anybody starting out blogging.. don’t worry about the visitors and how many you get.. it takes time to build up an audience.. You are blogging because you want to.. and that is far more important to you… And above all don’t give up.. persevere, even when you feel as if you are not getting anywhere with your blog.. someone is reading your words and they could be enjoying you blog but not have the courage to comment…. And that reader just could be me…

So yes you do own your blog.. so enjoy blogging .. and blog more.. because one day you will reap the rewards.

Have a great weekend everyone. xx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ginz says:

    One thing comes to mind is an old old phrase and that is “if you won’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all”. Isn’t that worth considering when blogging because I agree so much online activity nowadays can be used as a place to vent and to rant when they wouldn’t dare say that directly to anyone else! Guess it’s all about respect, responsibility and kind care?


    1. Bren says:

      Totally agree with you on that one Ginz.. people say things on line that are spiteful and venomous because they find it easier to say via a social networking site or blog… as you say if you can’t say anything nice then say nowt. I have seen some very nasty comments online.. and do you know what I find appalling.. most of them come from adults.. People who are parents, even grandparents.. how are our children supposed to learn that bullying online is wrong, if they see adults getting away with it.


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