Hauled to court, grandmother accused of harassment by her son’s widow in four-year battle to see her grandchildren

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For four years, Norma Moore, from Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, tried to get in touch with her son’s young twins, whom she hadn’t seen since he died in 2009.

Bren‘s insight:

Such a sad story… unfortunately and sadly in this world there are people who are prepared to use their children in order to get back at others.. be it the ex or the ex’s family.. 

Through them being selfish apart from hurting the grandparents who don’t see the child, they are depriving their own child of having a relationship with one set of grandparents.

It bloody annoys me, immensely, when people use children in this manner.. poor kids.. and poor grandparents for having to miss out on so much.

Some ex-partners are just so vindictive it is beyond belief.

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