Breastfeeding: New Mums To Get Shop Vouchers

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A Government-funded scheme will see new mothers offered shopping vouchers in an attempt to make them breastfeed.

Bren‘s insight:

Bren’s insight:

As much as I agree with breastfeeding babies, but seriously I don’t see why woman should be rewarded for doing it.  I thought this Country had no money yet we can find money for projects like this.. whilst we evict people from their homes because they have a spare bedroom.

There  are women out there who would love to breastfeed their babies but can’t due to various reasons.. either they babies wouldn’t take from the breast or because they had problems that prevented them being breastfed.


Those women won’t be rewarded.. which in my view could play heavily on a young mum’s mind, especially if she wanted to breastfeed and she couldn’t.. it could make her feel inadequate as a mother.  

Seriously I can’t believe this Government at times.. 

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  1. Ginz says:

    I’ll be interested to see what other people think about this as I’m failing to see the veracity of this! What possible reasons could be substantiated to back such a hair brain scheme 😦


    1. Bren says:

      I would like to know how they are proving it and midwives and health visitors apparently going to have to verify that news mums are breastfeeding.

      This country has gone friggin mad.


      1. Ginz says:

        Completely agree – bonkers! Next we’ll be hearing that parents are going to get vegie vouchers for giving their children 5-a-day! Where will this all stop?


        1. Bren says:

          Now that wouldn’t surprise me.. parents being given fruit and veg vouchers.. What annoys me about the whole thing is there could be a new mum who desperately wanted to breastfeed her new baby and can’t. So she suffers both emotionally and financially, through no fault of her own.


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