The Current Age of Consent of 16 Doesn’t Protect Young People, It Criminalises Them

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The existing consent at 16 law was introduced over 100 years ago in a puritanical Victorian era. Since then, society has moved on to more informed and enlightened attitudes about sex…

Bren‘s insight:

Sex is not just about two consenting adults.. it is about trust, love and relationships and those involve maturity. Some sixteen year olds are not mature enough to be left alone yet alone have a sexual relationship.

Yes all the facts could be there to prove that kids reach puberty earlier.. but the question is are they adult enough to accept that change in puberty.. my experience is no.

If you lower the age to say 14, then 12 years and even younger will be entering into sexual relationships.  One thing about kids is that they will try anything they know they are not legally allowed to.. for instance going into a pub and buying an alcoholic drink.   They get the thrill out of doing this because they have managed to fool some landlord or bar maid into serving them a drink.. They smoke behind the bike shed because they think it is grown up.. and the same with lowering the age of consent, younger people will think it is cool to have sex.

Would Peter Tatchell, say young people should be able to vote at 14? Of course he wouldn’t.  If youngsters are not legally an adult until they are 18, then how can you expect 14 years to be socially responsible enough to have sex.  Some 14 year olds are not mature enough … end of.. and it is these that the law protects.  FFS… you have a whole life-time of having sex once you reach 16.. why the rush?

It does make me laugh though.. you can have sex at 16 but you can’t vote at 16.  I agree with Peter Tatchell that those  who have consensual sex should not be labelled sex offenders and should not be on the sex offenders register.  But laws are there and it doesn’t criiminalise under age sex imo.  There needs to be an age limit as I said before.. it you lower the legal age limit to 14, then kids younger than that will want to try sex out.

Peter Tatchell also speaks about a tiered level of consent whereby providing both are consenting and there is only a 2-3 year gap these kids should not be prosecuted.  But again Peter doesn’t think about the young school girl of 14 coming on 15, who has an older boyfriend of say 18+. Girls mature a lot quicker than boys do.. and therefore for a girl of 14-15 who has matured will look  for an elder boy to form a relationship and not one of her own age..

The only thing I agree with him on is these kids not being on the sex offenders register.  Funny though.. all of us seemed to grow up OK with this law… and yes there was under-age sex going on.. But again those caught would be given a swift telling off and would have not been put on the sex-offenders register back in those days.

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