Whitstable Castle


There we were back in the summer, visiting Whitstable… and we didn’t even realise it had a Castle… talk about knowing your local area.. I am afraid not in our case.

And the only reason we found that Whitstable had a Castle was because we were looking for road signs for the sea front.. and I spied the Castle sign.

What we love about Whitstable is how it has not been commercialised and there are no arcades with its bells and whistles going full swing.. begging you to enter and put your hard-earned cash into the slots.. that never seem to pay out.

13514043-dark-grey-natural-linen-texture-for-the-backgroundI have textured the above photograph using a texture from Public Domain Textures.. as I think this texture does give the effect of canvas.

And it is one of my favourite textures that I use when I  want to texture any photo, whether it be black and white or colour.

How I use the texture is by doing all my adjustments in Lightroom and then taking the photo to Photoshop and then adding the texture as a new layer and using one of the blending modes available and adjusting the opacity and fill of the layer.  Normally I use either, multiply, soft light or hard light.

So if ever you do go to Whitstable.. I highly recommend visiting the castle.. which is easy to get to within walking distance of the Harbour.

Due to me being unable to walk long distances, we did manage to find a car park space within the Castle.. and there is parking on the road.. but I suspect spaces are far and few as it seemed a popular place to visit. We were lucky and managed to get a space within the Castle grounds.  There is an adventure playground for children, cafe and spectacular gardens to view.

So if ever you are down that way… I highly recommend visiting the castle.

Here is the above picture before I added the texture.



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