The Smoker’s Debate…

Asmoking-acnegain the great smoking debate raises its head. I’ve just been watching Sky News and apparently NICE is now recommending that hospitals don’t allow any areas within their grounds for smokers to have a puff.  And nurses should not help patients out of bed so that they can go out for a cigarette.

For years I smoked… sometimes very heavily but I decided to stop of my own accord back in 2010.  I took the route of taking Champex and since April 2010 I have not had a cigarette.  Yes there were times when I was tempted but now.. the smell of smoke makes me feel sick.

But that doesn’t mean.. I want to ban smoking from the planet.  If people want to smoke then that is their choice.. After all cigarettes are still legal to buy.  People know by smoking that they are risking their lives and they know they could get all sorts of complaints which shorten their lifespan.. but THAT IS THEIR CHOICE.

And if smoking does decrease your life expectancy then it is as clear as the nose on your face that if you die younger.. you will not be taking your full pension.. nor will you be getting the winter fuel payment year after year.. and neither will you get a Free TV Licence. By dying young you will not  drain public resources as you would by living to 101 and wanting nursing care etc….

If the Government and the Health Body thinks smoking is so bad for you, why don’t they just go the whole way and ban it?

superkingsBut you see the Government won’t do that, will they? Why?… because of the tax smoking brings into the Treasury.

According to This Is Money if you bought a packet of Superkings priced at £8.48 from Tescos per day.. in the course of a year you will spend £3,095.20 in cigarettes.  But out of the £3,095.20 you pay out.. £2,311.27 goes in tax and VAT to the UK Treasury. The remaining £783.83 per year goes to the tobacco company and the sellers profits. namely tesco or the shop you purchase them from.

Just imagine if you smoke 40 cigarettes a day.. that is a whopping £4,622.75 in tax and VAT the treasury gets.

Now if smoking lowers your life expectancy and you are paying all this tax.. whilst you are alive.. then surely to get us out of a deficit this government should be promoting smoking. Solves all problems doesn’t it.. more revenue and less paying out.

But the Government won’t ban smoking either.. simply because to do this would mean that all the non-smokers in this country are going to have to pay far more tax… to cover the loss of revenue that the smokers bring in.

I don’t smoke now.. but it was my choice to quit and it was choice to start.

And that is what is being forgotten.. people should be able to make a choice as to whether they smoke or not and they shouldn’t be treated as an outcast because they decide to spend the money their earn on cigarettes.

I just wonder how much the NHS has to spend on Flu treatments for all those smokers that have to freeze their nicky nacky noos off having a puff outside the pub on a Friday night in sub-zero temperatures?


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