Bridget Jones’s Knickers…

Abridget-jones-underwear-mainnd a thick woolly jumper… is what we are going to need according to the Daily Express.  Yes their front page headline again is about the weather..

Personally I am still awaiting the last weather change they wrote about.. but apparently today’s headline says we are going to freeze for a whole three months and the winter will be on a parallel level as that of 1947 and 1962.

So how many will die because they can’t afford to pay their fuel bills?  That is the cold stark reality of what will happen should the Express be right for once.

With energy bosses getting their bonuses and raising their fuel costs.. there will however, be people who just can’t afford to pay the extortionate prices that these suppliers charge for gas and electricity.

Of course the energy giants say we don’t cut people off and make them vulnerable, especially during a harsh winter.. but what they don’t tell you is that they do it via the back door… they install a pre-payment meter, at a higher tariff to cover what you owe.  And if you don’t have the money to put on the key…tough luck freeze.

And people will resort to using dangerous methods to use their homes… yes this method of using tealights and flower pots is cheap and heats a room for 8p a day.. there is no doubt about it, it is a dangerous form of heating due to the basic concept that the primary heating method is a naked flame.

Chris Pugsley in a Daily Mail article said:

‘This heating system is unsafe. As a fire investigator, I see dozens of fires every year, including fatal fires, that are caused by people using alternative forms of heating and lighting, most of which include a naked flame.

‘Candles and tea lights can be extremely dangerous – a small gust of wind can cause an innocent candle flame to set light to objects nearby if left too close.

‘We understand that some people may be struggling to pay fuel bills, but we’d urge everyone to think carefully about their safety and the safety of those around them before using candles to heat their homes.’

Keeping warm is fundamental to being healthy.. and so is eating… when people have to resort to choose either warmth or food.. people will turn to methods, like the use of tealights that is being shown above.  When people have mobility problems or an illness that makes them immobile… the cold sets in a whole lot quicker than it would do to someone who is agile and can move which makes the body warm up. And it those people who have mobility problems that will become vulnerable… and in worst case scenario die because they can’t keep themselves warm.

The energy giants, proclaim they care but do they really?  If they really cared they wouldn’t scramble to make such huge profits, in order to pay their shareholders nice bonuses. If the energy giants really cared they would pass the lowest price onto their customers. If the energy giants really cared they wouldn’t follow each other and hike their prices up, would they?

Yes to change suppliers, can be cheaper.. but who really wants to keep going through the hassle of changing energy suppliers… and most deals are for a fixed time and during that period the energy giants still raise their prices, which I think is disgusting.  If you sign up on a contract where gas is being sold at x amount of pence and so is electricity, then I think the energy companies should honour the initial prices until the contact ends. But they don’t they still pass on the price hikes and will charge you an administration fee for opting out of the contract…. in order to change to a cheaper supplier.

Even I can’t be arsed to sit down and seek a cheaper energy supplier… my contract ends with E-On in January and I have just changed to their lowest priced tariff.. which was hassle free.  I suppose if I had shopped around I probably could’ve found an even cheaper supplier.. but it is pure laziness..   And that is the root of the problem.. consumers are at times lazy and the energy giants know this.. they know damn well that the vast majority of their customers will just take the prices hikes in their stride… cut back on something else and pay these extortionate prices.

Energy profits per household.Reading Sky News today and the Government apparently wants the energy companies to freeze their prices until 2015.. freeze them.. FFS the Government should make these energy companies slash their prices… Take a look at the graph to the left and see how much profit each household is making for these companies.

And only yesterday NPower announced that 1,460 jobs will go.

Complaints energy comapniesYes NPower have announced that 3 sites will close and their back-office operations will be outsourced to India.

And these job cuts were announced just days before NPower are due to raise their prices.. And as you can see from the the graph on the right…NPower it seems is one of the most complained about energy suppliers going.

And what does this really mean.. yes there will be 1,460 added to the unemployed figure and more families facing hardship due to loss of job and rising fuel costs.. all because it is cheaper to employ a workforce in India.

And if this country wants to get back on its feet.. then how about bringing in legislation that states you can’t make British Workers redundant in order for you to outsource work to another country? How about making it only possible to sub-contract work to other countries if you need to boost your workforce temporarily due to demand.. and not trim it down and run it on the bare-minimum workforce in its home country.

No offence, to people, but it is about time this Government worked for the people who it is supposed to ..  US… the UK Citizen.  If countries can afford space programmes then they don’t need our aid… do they?  And if the Government of the UK knows that the aid being given to other countries is not reaching the people who it is supposed to help, due to corruption and pocketing of aid by ministers, then simples.. don’t give it.  If it is lining the pockets of some Politician and not reaching the people, common sense tells you whether or not you give the aid the people of that country won’t benefit.

This country is totally F**cked up, to put it bluntly… and with cold hard winters being forecast.. people of this country will die due to cold-related illnesses and hypothermia.  The elderly, the sick, the young, the unemployed are going to be those that suffer hardship.. not the energy giants, the politicians and the rich… rant over.


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