Deck the halls with boughs…


Obaubles on treesf temper 😀 Fa la la la la la la la la. Yes you guessed it we are going to do the Christmas decorations and of course naturally two little puppies, (well rather large puppies) are bound to help.

Poppa is not going to be impressed if they help too much.. is he?

Normally we don’t put them up until 2 weeks before.. but next weekend in Dickensian Christmas and we want to go and photograph the Candlelit Procession just before the Carol Concert at Boley Hill in Rochester.

Dickensian ChristmasNormally we go over in the morning or early afternoon.. but this year we have decided to go especially for the Candlelit Parade.  There is nothing to get you in the spirit of Christmas than Roasted Chestnuts, Mulled Wine and Christmas Carols.  Plus with the other half working Saturday mornings.. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are our only free time.. and next Sunday we want to Marzipan the cake and wrap some presents.

And the other weekend we still have some shopping to do, and the next weekend is the one before Christmas… which will be too late then.  Mind you it will stop me moaning about having dust on the baubles and not being able to clean properly?

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 420This year we are definitely going to be putting up our 5 foot Karaoke Santa… which my husband saw in Argos a few years back, and wanted.  Of course I said No but decided to treat him and made it one of his Christmas Presents… Yes we have a house full of Novelty Interactive Toys. Every year he buys new ones.. and the gradually they are taking over the house at Christmas.

We have Polar Bears, Meerkats.. singing Turkeys, Dogs, Sans, Christmas Trees, Snowballs Parcels, Santas, Reindeer and god knows what else.. and each and every one of them has to be out.

He rather had the Bah Humbug, last year, because puppies would have had a field day taking them off of the side and throwing them in the air.. so he was limited to those that could be up high. And poor old Santa stayed all wrapped up in the loft and totally missed Christmas 2012.

But no way, even though we had a lesser Christmas load of toys out on display.. he could not allow these three to stay in the box.. yes every year they have pride of place… how sad it is really he even made a video of them. 😀

So tomorrow is Decorations Day.. wish me luck and let us hope he remains, calm, cool and collected and above all patient.  And let us pray those little doggies, leave him, his lights and baubles alone. 😀

And if the plans don’t come together.. Merry Flaming Christmas 😀 😀 😀


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