Rant and a half coming your way..

PGlasgow helicopter crasheter-friggin-Mac. Yes you who is supposed to be an ex-copper. If anything you are a bloody disgrace to the Police profession.

Friday night at around 10.30pm, tragedy struck when a helicopter crashed onto a pub roof.  People looked on in horror at what was being shown on their TV’s.  Me included.

And you post this on a Forum that does nothing but persecute the parents of a missing child.  Yes here is what you posted… you swine. (screenshot)

There has been an accident
Three people have been killed (possibly one or two more, but not many more, and possibly not even three, depends whether you listen to BBC or Sky !)
The injured are safe in the hands of doctors in well equipped hospitals very close to the scene.

This is NOT a typhoon killing thousands and leaving millions homeless and without food water or shelter . . .This is NOT a Tsunami killing a third of a million . . .

But this afternoon
There will be a minute’s silence at every football match in Scotland ! ! !

Last year over 2,000 people were killed or seriously injured on the roads in Scotland. Nearly 6 per day.
Football carried on as usual.

What is happening to the country ? We have just seen bags of SOIL brought over from the battlefields of WW I, to make a commemorative garden.
At what cost, and for what purpose ?

And whilst I on this rant, what profiteth a man that he posts a comment that “My thoughts are with . . .?”
What does it mean ?
What does it DO ?
And please don’t talk about prayer. An omnipotent being could easily have allowed the thing to land safely.
And now we have politicians talking about “unimaginable horror”. One small helicopter on a roof ? One dead, a few seriously injured, the rest walking wounded with good stories to tell their children. UNIMAGINABLE HORROR ?

And that was from a man whose family narrowly missed being sent to Auschwitz

You say:

Three people have been killed (possibly one or two more, but not many more, and possibly not even three, depends whether you listen to BBC or Sky !)

It must have been carnage in that pub.. In fact, personally I think you want to learn to keep your big mouth shut until you know what you are talking about.. Eight people have lost their lives… 14 people are being treated for serious injuries.   Two of those fatalities were Police Officers..yes Police Officers just like you proclaim you were.. Talk about standing shoulder to shoulder with your comrades.. you are an insult to a fine profession.

The people of Glasgow are in shock.. they are mourning the dead and a Police Force is mourning the loss of two of its personnel.. How f**king dare you make those lives sound cheap.

Maybe last night’s crash was not on the scale of a Tsunami or a Typhoon with thousands killed and many more seriously injured.. but people still lost their lives.

When you are tucking into your Turkey this year.. just think about the 8 spaces that will be vacant… Think about the 8 families that have just buried their dead… Think about how you would feel if one of your loved ones was having a drink and listening to a band in a bar and then lost their life through a tragic accident.

You are not just content to insult those that lost their lives last night.. you then decide to go on and insult the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives in order for you to live a life that is free and not oppressed like it would have been if we had not won both of those wars..

My family lost members to WWI… my family waited and then had that knock at the door saying that their son, brother and father would not be returning home and he was killed in action… how dare you insult the memories of these brave men and women.

I don’t care how much it cost to bring that soil back.. it was worth every penny. A commemorative garden is the least we can for those that died.

Then you say:

And whilst I on this rant, what profiteth a man that he posts a comment that “My thoughts are with . . .?”
What does it mean ?
What does it DO ?

I tell you what it does.. it shows compassion and empathy and it allows those that are suffering the comfort of knowing people do care and they are thinking of them at their darkest hour.  If offers support, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to prop you up when their world is falling down around as they try to come to terms with such loss It shows those that a grieving, that people do care..  It shows that total strangers are willing to help in whatever way then can.  And it seems to me that empathy, compassion and caring are emotions you can’t or refuse to do.

Yes if there was a God he wouldn’t allow bad things to happen, and as for you saying there is no point praying to God because God could have organised it so that there was no accident and the chopper landed safely.  All I can say to that if there was a God he wouldn’t let assholes like you live on our planet.

And if people losing their lives in a tragic accident like what happened last night.. you then go on to drag the McCanns into the conversation.


What the hell has this got to do with the McCanns?  You are obsessed man.. go and get a life.

You also say:

One small helicopter on a roof ?  One dead, a few seriously injured, the rest walking wounded with good stories to tell their children.  UNIMAGINABLE HORROR ?

Small f**king helicopter you say?


You call that small?

Last night people 8 people died… A fire chief was doing his job. And that same fire chief probably was one of those that was involved in removing his dead his sister-in-laws body… You see she was one of those 8 that died last night… Yes she was a Police Officer too…I wonder what tales her husband and brother-in-law can tell future generations about the way she died?

You man are a cold and heartless bastard… and I hope and pray you don’t sleep at night and that your conscience pricks you at every waking moment.


To the person who is posting a link to this blog via Private Message on Jill Haverns..

Private Message

Thank you… That swine needs to know what people think of him due to his disrespectful posts about those that lost their lives on Friday night in Glasgow and how he thinks that bring soil from Battlefields where thousands of men died is a waste of money.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheafe says:

    What occurred .. was indeed a shame. How many people die.. each day.. and are not recognized in the deaths. Ans: Too Many


    1. Bren says:

      It is purely that persons lack of respect for the dead that got me, especially those that died on the battlefields of WWI. Too many people die each day because of cancer and their deaths are not acknowledged, which is a shame. But that doesn’t mean we should be disrespectful.


  2. Sally says:

    Thank you for showing us this Bren….
    What a cold and unfeeling bastard that would write such things about this tragic situation. I live in Glasgow and can confirm that the whole of this city is in shock and in mourning. No we may not have known the people who died but these people were sitting in a family very popular pub enjoying a live band, when this helicopter crashed through the roof. Some of these people would not have known what hit them.
    The people of Glasgow and the Emergency services have been outstanding in gathering together to get injured people out of the pub and to hospital, and sadly 8 bodies were taken from the scene also. For anyone to minimize this accident is unforgiveable and totally uncalled for. To the author of that ridiculous blab, may God forgive you for what you said about this situation and I hope for your sake that you never ever have to go through what these families are going through right now.


    1. Bren says:

      Sally, my heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.. and to all the victims who are suffering through injury. How any person could have written what he did, I don’t know. The emergency services were on the scene promptly, people went into that damaged pub and helped people to safety.. now that takes courage.

      He says he was a Superintendent of a Police Force, as they say once a cop always a cop and every copper or ex-copper will grieve for any officer that is killed in the line of duty. But not him, the cold heartless swine. The man makes my skin crawl.. My thoughts are with all the families that have lost loved ones and to those that have been injured and their families.

      So sad.. and it definitely doesn’t need people like him putting their two penneth in.


      1. Sally says:

        He probably was discharged from the police, because I do not believe that any ex police officer would comment in the way that this so-called man did.
        What happened here is just tragic and should not be made less than it actually was. The accident scene is horrific and my heart goes out to those who died and their devastated families.


        1. Bren says:

          I was doing the tree today, when the Cathedral service was on.. and I was moved to tears.. What happened was awful.. it was a tragic accident and it doesn’t need people dismissing it as nothing, nor does it need some conspiracy theory being born.


          1. Sally says:

            I agree Bren, there are enough conspiracy theories going around right now!


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