Too soft or what?

Too right we are.  Britain as a whole is far too soft when it comes to dealing with crime… Paedophiles are released without doing half of their sentence yet alone the full time.  The victim at the centre of a rape case being accused of asking for it. A 13 year old rape victim, is accused of being predatory by a defendants lawyer, and the accused given a suspended sentence.

Social Media is used as online broadcasting tool, where users don’t even understand the law and are prepared to name defendants in a child abuse case.

Fleetstreetfox, who writes for the Daily Mirror, wrote an excellent article about how people think they are journalists without doing the training and knowing an ounce of the law.

But apart from all of that.. why are we too soft as a Country when it comes to crime.. simples… too many bloody do-gooders.

think_drink_driveNow if I decide to jump into my car, drive to the local boozer.. drink my way through a vat of Vodka and then decide I am fit to drive home and get pulled by the police, whose fault is it?

Is it the guy that sold me the drink, the person who never took my car keys from me, or the copper who should have been out there catching all those nasty murderers and leaving us drink-drivers alone?  No-one shoulders the blame except for myself.. It would have been my choice to take those actions, so I must deal with the consequences.

Just like I would have to deal with the consequence of being caught for speeding.

The law is the law.. there are no exceptional circumstances where you don’t get banned for drink-driving.. there are no exceptional circumstances where you can justify travelling at 60mph in a 30mph zone.

We, as in each and every one of us, knows if we break the law, then there is a chance we are going to get caught and end up with a hefty fine, imprisonment, community service or all bloody three of them.

This week I have been following the trial with regards to the brutal murder of Lee Rigby.. it has been harrowing to listen to.. and the released CCTV footage of the events that unfolded that day.. really bring home what happened.  His poor family has had to leave the court in tears at the evidence being heard.. All because two mindless thugs, decided to do their own Jihad on the streets of London.

officer attendingAnd yesterday came the evidence of the Police that shot these two monsters… once they were ‘neutralised’ they had to be given first aid.  FFS… they had just murdered a British Soldier and tried to behead him..

We are just too soft.. Police should have a shoot to kill policy and it should be known that if you decide to carry a gun or weapon on the streets of Britain, then you risk being shot and killed… there should be no patching up people.. neutralise to me means shoot to kill.

Live by the gun… die by the gun

If you want to walk the streets with a gun in your pocket, then as far as I am concerned, be prepared to die for it.

Carrying gun on our streets is illegal unless you have a permit or you are carrying them as part of your job.. ie armed Police and Soldiers on Duty… it is simple as that.

As soon as a Policeman opens fire, straight away, there is an investigation.. FFS if they have shot and killed someone who did NOT have a weapon in their possession.. Fine.  But if these people did have a gun or a knife, meat cleaver, etc.. then no.. shoot the bastards.. and ask questions later.

Like I said I know if I get in my car as drunk as a skunk and drive .. I am breaking the law… so why shouldn’t we have a law that if you are in possession of a gun or weapon then if you get shot.. tough luck.. you shouldn’t have had the weapon in your possession in the first place.

I don’t think I could walk a mile in the shoes of the family of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby.. They, as a family, will be haunted forever and a day at hearing how Lee met his fate.

Nothing you or I can say will ever put things right for them.. and every day they have to sit in a Court room and see those swines living and breathing.. sorry but I don’t think I would have battered an eye lid if those coppers had neutralised those two properly.

They are in Court pleading NOT GUILTY, purely to have their barbaric act repeated in Court and by the Media… they are pleading NOT GUILTY to hurt the family of Lee Rigby all over again.. as if they haven’t done enough damage.  Why are we allowing this?  Sorry it is time for us to toughen up as a nation.

When Ian Tomlinson died at the G20 Protests, in which he was not involved, then a full investigation is necessary.. and if a Police Officer is found to be breaching his code of conduct, then he should be held accountable.. and face the courts.

But to keep wasting time and money on inquests and inquiries because people decide to walk around with guns in their pockets.. is just a waste of taxpayers money..

It is time we did toughen up.. and state… If you carry a gun or weapon then be prepared to die .. because we will be operating a zero tolerance towards people who decide they will arm themselves and walk our streets.  The Police will be given the right to shoot to kill in order to protect themselves and other citizens.

We have zero tolerance in the NHS.. if you abuse a nurse, doctor or health professional you risk arrest and they have the right to refuse to treat you.. so why won’t this Government make a firm decision and protect the citizens of this country and our Police once and for all?


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    I don’t follow the local news for a reason. An eye for an eye.


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