As much as I can’t stand…

Khopkinsatie ‘flaming‘ Hopkins, there comes a point where I have to say I don’t agree with the threats that are being made against her.

According to the Daily Star people are wishing this woman dead… and much worse.. if comments can get any worse.

We know Katie Hopkins is nothing but a bloody attention seeker.. it is an act with her.. she wants to get noticed and the only way she is capable of doing is by being contentious… and by creating backlash from the public. TV stations have her sitting on the sofa.. because people tune in to see her rant and rave and cause mayhem.

But death threats.. no… that is no way to deal with her.. Ignore her.. blank her.. don’t reply to her on twitter.. but to threaten to kill her means, you are threatening little kids that someone nasty is going to take their mother away.

As much as you and I can’t abide the woman.. her children must love her… and of course every Tyler and Tyler’s mum in the country (that by the way is pure sarcasm).

Mind you it is fun watching another bitch-queen Sonia Poulton when she comes face to face will Hopkins…  pure bitchfight 😀   Handbags at dawn 😀

Hopkins’s comments with regards to what happened in Glasgow was despicable and her lame excuse at why she made that tweet was purely that… lame.

So people, the reason why Katie Hopkins is where she is today is because of us.. we have put her there.. if we as members of the public switched off our TV screens when she appeared on This Morning (even though they have said they now have no plans to have her on their show anymore) then when the bosses above saw their viewing figures drop when she was on TV they would soon … hang her out to dry.

And if she is going to be on Big Brother.. you know damn well the quickest way to vote is to not tune in…simples really.


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