Damn it or should it be…

Damazon-drone-delivery-ftrrone it.. correctly named Octocopters.  About four days ago I read an article on the BBC Website where it was being reported that within 5 years… if you live within a certain mileage of an Amazon distribution centre your parcel could arrive.. not by postman.. nor a hunky white van delivery driver.. but by drone.

Yes that item you just ordered could be winging its way to you.. within 30 minutes.  How cool is that?

Just imagine finding something you want to wear, like a new pair of boots, and within 30 minutes of ordering they are there, at your door already to be worn, no waiting, no fuss, just drone delivery… Us women will be in heaven… There is nothing worse than ordering a new fashion item and having to wait for delivery..  When we find something we want to wear and its online.. we want it delivered ASAP.. like yesterday.

All I hope is that the drones are dog-proof.  I can just imagine my two sitting their patiently watching a drone deliver something.. the parcel and drone could have some serious Golden Retriever teeth imprints on it.  With that drone flying through the air heading for my front garden, they will think I have ordered them a new toy to play with.  😀

I wonder if they will have a Drone equivalent of the RAC, for all those breakdowns.. and encounters with pooches who don’t have the foggiest of what this thing is.. 😀

Yes there will be those that will complain.. about drones flying over their heads with mine and yours parcels… but who cares.. get with the 21st century.. it is far better than having to sit in all day and wait for parcels to be delivered.  Another thing I wonder if you will be able to track your parcel on your Sat Nav.. oh the possibilities are endless.

So to all those that think this is a bad idea.. Amazon CEO Apologies to you (courtesy of Mashable)…

Birth of a drone… 😀 😀 😀


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