I know Nelson Mandela has died, but….

AAllonbyt this precise moment in time the UK is actually drowning. Tonight the sad news emerged that Nelson Mandela has died.. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time… and may he rest in peace.

And whilst BBC News and Sky News cover the death of Nelson Mandela… a storm surge is hitting the East Coast of the UK.

Since the news broke about Nelson Mandela’s death.. the current storm hitting us has been totally forgotten about.. People are turning to twitter to get updates.

High tide in Medway is at about 2.30 am.. and since just gone 11 o’clock tonight people in streets near me are being evacuated from their homes.

The storms that are hitting the UK are unprecedented.. and even though I feel for Nelson Mandela I think the news channels are simply abandoned the people of this country… Not every person has the internet.. the elderly for one .. might solely be relying on the TV News channels for the updates of the storm.  And there are none…. It is as if the storm had just been downgraded to a breeze.. and no longer newsworthy.  Come on.. the weatherman explained whey a storm surge in the Kent area could be so destructive.

So please BBC News and Sky News.. keep us informed about whether or not we are liable to being flooded.  It is not being disrespectful of the dead.. to ask you to report on events that are affecting a lot of people tonight.. Possible floodings that mean that Christmas could well and truly be ruined for many families.. especially if their homes become uninhabitable due to flooding.

Already Twitter is first with breaking news as to what areas are flooding… Thank God Medway Council have taken the initiative to tweet…

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela…


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