She is off again..

That is our mama… and him of course… All she keeps doing is this tweeting lark.. But when little sis and I look at her twitter timeline she is tweeting about what other people’s dogs can do..

First of all it was a baby giggling.. because one of my furry friends is trying to catch bubbles.

We did share it on our Facebook Page.. and told her indoors.. get the bubbles and we can catch them.. but no.. has she bothered?  Definitely not.. and now she is showing this other doggie to people and we keep hearing this baby crying.. and me and little sis can’t find it.

So far we have found two red baubles, two pine cones and bit of bonio.

And if you think that isn’t bad.. tonight he has this TV Programme on where a dog can walk and balance on rope..


Forget it mum.. we are happy with the tricks me and little sis play.. like.. retrieving the kitchen floor and putting it safely in our box.. taking off the kickboard and removing the plinth clips… and barking in the night to get you up, so we can have another dental stick for coming in nicely after going out for wee-wee’s.

So please pooches.. stop these tricks.. cos her indoors sees them and it puts ideas into her head… 😀


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