The viewer suffers…

YLogoes the poor old viewer suffers every time.  There we are given a new series to watch.. and hey presto we become engrossed and they leave the series on a cliffhanger… and the poor viewer is counting the days down until they find out what happened.. in the next series.

Well that is if you are lucky.. and the bosses of the network don’t decide to scupper the next series.. and refuse to make any more shows..

lie to me‘Lie to Me’

One series I used to love to watch was ‘Lie to Me’ starring Tim Roth… yes it was an American series, based in America with a Brit playing the lead role.

Dr Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth leads a team who solve crimes using applied psychology.. their technique works on micro-expressions to determine whether a person is lying or not.   The series originally started in 2009 and ran for 3 series.. before Fox decided to ace it..

Yes.. because the ratings were not what they expected..  Shame though for the poor viewers, like me, who would tune in weekly to watch Dr Cal Lightman play his mind games with people.. and to see whether his relationship with Dr Foster would ever bloom.

But Lie to Me was not the only shows to be axed…

csi miami‘CSI Miami’

Now who can forget Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso… and now ‘Sheer Cover’ girl Emily Procter who played  Calleigh Duquesne, as they solved the countless murders in Miami.. honestly that place does have a crime rate… but the team worked well.

And for us that didn’t understand forensics.. with each episode we all learnt something new about.. forensics. autopsies and how quick and easy it was to solve crimes. :D.  But we the viewers enjoyed it.. and we all were glad of Sky+ especially if these shows coincided with another show we were watching..

And true to form us avid viewers never missed an episode.

And we waited with bated breath for the next series to begin, due to the cliffhanger of the previous series..  We didn’t know if one of the team was killed.. or whether someone was going to leave… but we waited patiently and from 2003 – 2012 we sat through series after series, only then for the makers to pull the plug.

And Horatio Caine, with his trademark of putting on his shades, did so for the final time… It was a happy ending.. but alas CSI Miami was no more.

CSI ny‘CSI New York’

But we had Gary Sinise who played Detective Mac Taylor… yes Gary of Apollo 13 fame.. and of course the Lt Dan Band.

Yes we learnt more forensics.. we cried when Angel was killed and we prayed that Mac would survive..  We had weddings, babies, new love interests all mixed in with the murders committed in New York city.  We learnt to love the characters and we all learnt to love Sid who sliced and diced those bodies… So from 2004 to 2013 for 9 whole series’ we again became embroiled in the lives of those characters on our screen…  and guess what.

Yes you got it.. they decided to cancel the show.. Yes it was a fitting tribute of an ending to CSI New York.. but again the viewer was going to be the one who would no longer be tuning into to see if Sid managed to fight his cancer.. or to see Flack and his new love.. heading for the aisle or the birth of the new baby between Danny and  Lindsay.

At the moment CSI Las Vegas is still going but how long for?  How long will it be before those chief executives decide to pull the plug on that series.  And please bring back Grissom… we miss him terribly.  No offence Ted Danson.. we like you.. but Gill was as far as I am concerned CSI..


And to top it all.. today I read that Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo will only be returning in the 10th series of NCIS to say goodbye… Yes Ziva has decided to give up her NCIS badge and the cliffhanger as to whether Tony and her finally do get together is answered.. no they won’t…

Apparently, Ziva gets a conscience and looks at Tony and says:

“How can I not think that for every man I kill, there’s someone out there crying for him? “The center of all this pain is me. … This is what I made of myself, but it’s not who I wanted to be.”

So farewell Ziva.. I just wish you had stayed.. but luckily for us.. Ziva has not been killed off and hopefully one day she will return where she truly belongs.. back behind her desk in NCIS.

All, I hope is that the viewing figures don’t plummet, otherwise this could be another good TV Show going down the pan..  NCIS has survived 14 series’ and please chief exec’s stop taking away good shows because us Brits love them and we don’t want them to end..

As to whether these exec’s listen, who is to know.. but one thing for sure is thank god for all those channels that show the repeats.. I know I’ve seen them all before.. but I am willing to watch them time and time again.. and believe it or not.. this is one viewer who would love to see all those TV shows above.. back on our screens.


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