Got one of these…


Dglitter topon’t you just hate it? Wondering what to wear at Christmas time… whilst you are the one doing all the cooking..

It definitely isn’t an easy choice is it?  You want something party-like but the thought of having to walk around in high healed shoes and a party dress whilst manoeuvring this giant bird in and out of the oven is just too much to contemplate.

So this year I have opted for a glitzy jumper from Amazon priced at £13.99 – £14.99 and a black pair of pleated palazzo trousers and boots that are very comfy..

For us women it is hard work.. trying to work out who is sitting next to who and catering for people that can’t stand the sight of a parsnip whilst loving a lashing of sprouts.  Catering and cooking are not my fortes believe me.. but after a few Bacardis things do tend to turn out better than if I were stone cold sober.

foot numbing sprayBut the revolutionary thing that is about to hit those shops is foot numbing spray.. Yes ladies you can wear those high heals without going through the torture of pain, inflammation and just wanting to kick those shoes off.  You know when you decide that you can’t stand the pain no more and then kick off those shoes to dance bare feet.  Only problem is you have to get those shoes back on your feet at some point at the end of the evening and that involves putting yourself through the most agonising of pains ever.. trying to get those feet now resembling balloons back into that slinky pair of stilettos.

Well according to the Daily Mail, and many thanks to a friend who posted the article on Facebook, I have decided I will be one of the first people knocking on Foot Lockers door or doing an online purchase to get my foot numbing spray.  Scientists have found the cure that will allow you to dance in those high heels all night long..

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth told the  Daily Mail:

‘The pain simply dissipates and lasts two to three hours. It’s certainly enough to get you through a red carpet event.’

SilkyFeetThat will do me nicely.. at $15 dollars for 1 fluid ounce and $32 for 4 fluid ounces, I will give it a go..  What with my Bama SilkyFeet, especially designed to stop causing friction when wearing shoes..

I don’t think I will be having any feet problems.. mind you if the freezing foot pain stuff is good.. I wonder if it will work on joints that are affected by PMR because if it does.. I can see myself spraying my whole body.. Bugger the spray tan.. get on the free from numbing pain spray and have a pain-free Christmas..

Now just to lower the medication enough so that a few Christmas drinks won’t hurt.. is my next mission.

There is nothing worse than trying to party at Christmas with your feet screaming at you… so ladies.. no more troubles.. two products that will eliminate all that pain and suffering..

So pamper those partying  feet and glide into the new year with no pain..  Merry Christmas and happy dancing….:D


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