365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 2nd

o-new-years-resolutions-2014-canada-facebookRsolved Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Well what can I say?  No.. never in my life have I been able to keep a New Years Resolution.

Yes they all start out the same …


Oh forget that one straight away.. I might manage that one for January the 1st, but there again I think that could be to the hangover and not wanting to see food.. but I fail on January 2nd.. the moment I spy those left over choccies from Christmas.. and the nuts that nobody got around to eating.


Well I would start that one.. and I only ever drink at Christmas and if we go out for a meal.. so the prospective of having a tea-total 2014.. is not going to happen.. so I don’t even bother thinking about that one.


Well I gave that up in April 2010 so have been smoke-free for nearly 4 years.. and that wasn’t because of a New Years Resolution.. that was because that asshole that lives at Number 11.. kept putting the tax up on them.. and I refused to line the treasury’s pocket.

Be a better cook

Forget it… my family have said.. stick to the jars, packets and frozen food.. at least it is edible.. plus the fact I am thinking of the dire straits that the NHS is in.. so I don’t want to lumber them with my lot.. and food poisoning. 😀

So the answer is No.. and after 56 years I don’t think I will try…

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