365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 5th

Diaries of Fleet Street FoxCall Me Ishmael Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

Well one of my favourite books is one written by a Daily Mirror Journalist, called Susie Boniface..  Under her pseudonym of Fleet Street Fox, she wrote The Diaries of Fleet Street Fox…

The first line of her book reads:

TODAY is the worst day of the rest of my life. I mean, it can’t get much worse.

Oh how we all have had days like that…. before the the day has even started it is turning into one pig of a day..  I know I have had a few of those days.

Days when whatever you touch.. breaks.  Whatever you say …. offends and whatever you do.. is not right for someone..

You know those days.. the days when you wish you had never got out of bed in the first place…

But why I like that line for that particular book… is because of the way.. she turns tragic bad days into hilarity and making the reader want to laugh.. I have previously mentioned her book in a review.. and believe me, it is well worth reading… I couldn’t put it down and neither could I stop laughing..   I hope there is going to be a sequel to this book..

Actually the first book is good enough, in my opinion, to equal the Diaries of Bridget Jones and would make an excellent film.

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