365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 6th

absenceMy favorite. What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it

In all our years together we have never spent nights apart.. not unless it was for a very valid reason.. either hospital admission or work commitments.

And those work commitments, were due to shift patterns.. yep you guessed it.. night-work.

Well work commitments went too far once… and I had to go on a course to Sutton Coldfield for a week back in 2000.

Yes it was lovely, being waited on… having your dinners cooked but I hated being away from home.. I hated phoning home, it just made me miss my family more… it seemed so strange..talking to the family and even though it was on a phone.. it was not like being there with them.

And then in 2003, hubby had to work away.. he drove home most nights.. but the travelling was taking its toll on him… and the only option left open was to stay in a caravan on site and then come home one night during the week and at weekends.

I hated those few weeks.. yes I could eat when I wanted.. I could watch what I wanted on the TV… but life wasn’t the say..

I was miserable and couldn’t wait for the weekends to arrive.. and it is true what they say… Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Never again will we be apart like that.. on both of those occasions, each of us hated being apart and we vowed.. never ever to be apart from each other again…

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