Back to normal…

back to normalAnd thank **** for that.  See I told you it wasn’t worth making News Years Resolutions and I break them very easily.. so that is the ‘No Swearing’ resolution out of the window..

Oh well.. better luck next year.

Well that is the festivities over and done with for another year.. everyone feed and and inebriated at regular intervals, and happy with their Christmas Gifts.

Normally Hubbie and I ask each other what we want for Christmas.. but this year I said, ‘How about surprises’.  And that is what we did, we surprised each other; and do you know what it made Christmas a little bit magical.. wanting to know what you had got and then having to look at those presents under the tree on Christmas Eve without a clue as to what was in those boxes, that were all wrapped up in their Christmas paper and bows…

Amazon_Kindle_Fire_HDX_7_35828167-9818_620x433Yes there was this big box for me.. all wrapped up with bows and sweet messages.. and I spent Christmas Eve wondering what the heck it was…and then on Christmas morning, I raced to open it to find a Kindle Fire HDX…. 😀

I was like a kid with a new toy.. that was it … straight in and playing her new toy.. only to have to come down to earth with a bang.. I had people coming for Christmas Dinner so I couldn’t sit and play with it.. all day long… 😦 And believe it or not.. this Christmas I managed the roast the parsnips without burning them and having them welded to dish… Oh yes and the Christmas puddings I made.. were absolutely gorgeous.. the cake.. well the less said about that the better, in my opinion. 😀

The only thing I could hope for, so that I could spend my entire Christmas day, was a freak snow storm 😀 .. but that didn’t happen…. anyway I love having family at Christmas and it was so nice to see my little grandson open his Christmas gifts and play with the box and wrapping paper.. 😀  His mum and dad enjoyed his gifts though. 😀

IMG_7277Boxing day this year we decided to go to Winter Wonderland in London.. with my son, his girlfriend and nannies little soldier.  As per usual the Jubilee line was stopping at Waterloo and we needed the next stop to change tubes.. so we ended up having to do a detour around the London Underground until eventually we arrived at Hyde Park Corner.. and the day was just magical.. it felt real Christmassy… and we all loved the Magical Ice World sculptures..

It was a cold day… for the others. but for me I was lovely and warm… wrapped up in my new Xmas jumper and scarf. And the only time the others felt warm,, was when they came out of the Ice Kingdom which was -8°C and it made the outside air for a moment feel like summer. 😀

But now with New Year celebrations finally behind us and with the men of the house back at work.. it is Back to Normal.

Yes me and the doggies.. who were being walked 3 times a day.. back to our routine.. of them getting me up.. me doing what I can do.. with comfort and watching what I want to watch on the TV.. Yes there is no more ‘other half’ getting under my feet.  It is back to reality and not having to worry about feeding others during the day .. only myself.

Yes before the Christmas Holidays… I decided a couple of days before Christmas to close down the laptop.. and it was not going to be put on and used until after New Year.. and lo and behold… I managed it… I went laptop free for a couple of weeks.. mind you cold turkey did set in a couple of times during those two weeks… which was soon resolved with another glass of alcohol.. 🙂

Mind you I had my new kindle fire.. which is great by the way… but it is not ideal for creating blog posts… not with the way I ramble on and on… 😀

Anyway it is back to normal now and I hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year… whilst we sat back and enjoyed our Christmas break, with the news of the storms we did feel sorry for those that have had their Christmas’s ruined due to the atrocious weather that has been battering us here in the UK.

Happy New Year everyone… hope you all have a prosperous New Year.


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