Zemanta gone.. what will I do?

zemantaAs many of you have found out.. WordPress have decided to pull the plug on their Zemanta integration… it isn’t as if I used Zemanta much.. but I found it very handy especially if I was blogging about a popular story and wanted to listed related articles from …say newspaper sites.

And to be honest I didn’t realise it was going, until it had gone from my dashboard… 

But don’t fear if you want Zemanta back on your dashboard.. simples… download the browser extension and once again you will see Zemanta back in your Dashboard

Download Zemanta Browser extension. Yes Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari are available.

Hope this helps people on WordPress who are missing their Zemanta


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Bren Ryan is a female amateaur photographer who along with her husband, Ashley, have created a photography blog called RyanPhotography showcasing the places they visited places on their Photography journey. Bren and Ashley primarily concentrate their photographic skills to landscape, architecture and floral subjects. Based in the South East of England they hope to give their readers an insight to the wonderful landscapes, buildings and places to visit in the South of England and beyond.

3 thoughts on “Zemanta gone.. what will I do?”

    1. They say they are working on something bigger.. but I liked Zemanta and feel WordPress should have left the integration until they were reading to roll out their own form of Zemanta.


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