365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 8th

teachers petTeacher’s Pet Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

I wish I could remember this teacher’s name.. but he was PE Teacher, who once stood in for a teacher who was out sick..

Of course he couldn’t take us running.. or to play hockey.. so it was an hour lesson of discussing life and what life can hold for each of us.

I admit it.. my god I wasn’t the model pupil.. I was in Maths and Computer Studies.. but as for science… well I was one of the rebels.. in fact I think in cookery classes I spent more time outside with another pupil than I did.. inside the cookery room.

And what fun we had… 😀

One of the things we did do.. was create foam wonderland..  Yes in the Home Economics block there was two Kitchens… A needlework room.. and an open plan dining area plus a selection of basins for hairdressing.. (which we never got to do).. One of the kitchens had a door that led into another small room.. where the washing machine was housed. Separating this room and where we would be sitting once expelled from the class, was only a concertina, which would remain open at all times.

Of course when you out sitting on chairs outside the class.. you just can’t help getting into mischief can you?  And one day.. one of the pupils who was learning to do hand-washing, left the soap powder on the shelf… ooops… big mistake.. gigantic mistake.. humongous mistake…

Cos we decided to put the soap power into the top loading washing machine… and watch the bubbles fill the room..

The shock and horror on the teacher’s face as the bubbles started to seep into the classroom.. naturally we sat there with the ‘We are innocent’ looks on our faces and the teacher put it down to the wrong soap powder being used.. 😀

Well, our teacher wasn’t as convinced as the other teacher,  it taught her not to send us or any other pupil outside any more… and the only reason we got sent out of the class because we made flour bombs with pastry and flour and batted them around the class..  No wonder I can’t cook… 😀  Yes if you were naughty in cookery class you had to sit on chairs by the teachers desk and you weren’t allowed to move.

But going back to what this stand-in PE teacher was telling us in this particular lesson.. was this… You are your own boss… Nobody owns you… You are free to do what you want provided it is within the law and you have only yourself to answer to… we were told we were individuals and what choices we make in life are down to us and if those choices are the wrong choices then we only have ourselves to blame.

I think I have lead my entire adult life.. by what that teacher said.. I am an individual.. nobody can force me to do something I don’t want to do.. and I only have myself to blame if this goes tits-up

So no.. I wasn’t a teacher’s pet.. in fact I think at times I was a teacher’s nightmare…. but the funny thing was… when we did wrong.. the teacher would give you notes to give to your parents…how stupid… the whole class used to forge another parent’s signature on the return slip.. 😀 St Trinian’s had nothing on us. 😀

And to the people who have said when you become an adult you wish you were back at school.. no sirree there has never been a day when I wished I was back at school.. I hated School with a vengeance.

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