365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 9th

fear1984You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear.  Describe what’s in the room.

My greatest fear would be having to be looked in a room with either an insect or reptile.. the thought of sharing any space that I inhabit with one of these things… makes me shudder.

In fact my family are in fits of laugher, because I turn into the most neurotic,panic-stricken, incomprehensible human being ever, should a spider rear its ugly head.

Describe the room… I can’t because I would have my eyes shut.. screaming blue murder for someone to come and rescue me..

My other half… often says ‘It is hardly likely going to pick you up and carry you off, now is it?”  Pick me up and carry me off… no but it could come even closer to me and decide to crawl all over me… Forget it sunshine.. if you want his woman to stop screaming then do the right thing… and get rid of this horrible monster, that has decided to invade her home, without paying board and lodge.

I can remember as a child, my cousin chasing me with a moth in their hand… that was it straight up the stairs I ran.. and locked myself in the loo… no way was I coming out… which was rather an inconvenience as there was only one toilet in the house..   Luckily my dad was soon at hand.. to assure me that the moth had been released outside… even then I was very hesitant as to whether or not to believe him.

As for my cousin… revenge is best served cold as they say. 😀

Unfortunately, phobias by parents, are passed on to their child.. luckily my son is not that scared of things.. except spiders… and then it is a case of call Dad or use mum’s ‘nothings gonna let this blighter escape’ method.   Hold firm hold hair spray in right hand… firmly press and aim at insect.  When it can no longer move… get hoover and hoover up.. Then get the old man to empty the hoover… just in case it makes a miracle recovery.

So my advice would be.. if you value your life.. then don’t put me in a room where there are insects… and no I won’t be volunteering for ‘I’m not a celebrity, get me out of here’. 😀

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