365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 11th

this is your lifeThis is your life. If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

My god what a question to have to make a decision on.. would I read it or wouldn’t I?  Decisions, decisions, decisions… come on WordPress give me a break? 😀 If I read it and find in the future things are going to be horrendous.. then I will regret for the rest of my days, knowing what is going to happen..

But on the other hand, I suppose if I didn’t read it and my lottery numbers came up.. I suppose I would be thinking FFS if only I knew there was a windfall coming my way.. I would have done this and that and worried about paying the costs off knowing full well I had this nice little windfall coming.

I think that question posed by WordPress and the 365 days of writing prompts is a what they call a double-edged sword.. whatever side you fall on you are going to have regrets as to which choice you made in this question…

But for me.. I will decline.. what I have done in the past I can’t change.. and if I did change one little thing then my life would not be what it is today.. The good and the bad times makes us who we are.. and no I wouldn’t change a thing.. and if I am being perfectly honest.. I really don’t want to know what the future does hold for me.. because if it doesn’t include the people I love and want to be around… then I am going to be beside myself knowing that things are not going to be as how I wish them to be.

So the answer has to be.. no I wouldn’t read my, ‘This is my life, past, present and future‘ book.

And as Lisa Stansfield sang…

If I could change the way I live my life today
I wouldn’t change a single thing
‘Cos if I change my world into another place
I wouldn’t see your smiling face

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