Film Review – Oblivion

oblivionAnd what can I say about this film.. well if you like futuristic and sci-fi then this is a film for you.

I got confused when Jack Harper 49 tied up Jack Harper 52.. but when the film concluded it became crystal clear what the whole movie was about.

Jack Harper along with his assistant come lover Victoria are the only people left on earth to extract the earth’s remaining resources, after a war with a group of aliens called the Scavs.  One their mission is complete they will be sent to join the remainder of earth’s population, who are living on Planet Titan.

Flashbacks, droids, fire-power and action is what Jack Harper is all about.  The film tells the story of Jack as he begins to discover the real truth about the destruction of earth and the war that raged his planet.  Jack played by Tom Cruise plays alongside Morgan Freeman.. who turns out to be a Scav, sees in Jack the prospect of him uncovering the truth of what has happened and what needs to be done in order to secure a better future for the planet Earth.

Yes there is action, special effects and plenty of explanation as Jack Harper tells you about the war.. and how it began.

Not a bad film to watch.. if you like this sort of thing.. Other half liked it… and son said it was good.. it is more of a man’s film… whereas I prefer the chick flicks… but all in all it is a film worth watching.

Rating 3½ stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Starhalf star


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