Film Review – Olympus Has Fallen

olympus has fallenOh my god… seriously… how people can say this is a good film I don’t know..  The story starts off with the death of the President’s wife and how one of his secret service agents, Mike Banning, how was there at the time of the First Lady’s death was seconded elsewhere simply because the President will be reminded every day of his wife’s death should Mike stay on his current detail.

Yes you guessed it.. the President and some of the aides get held hostage in the bunker of the White House..

Yep you guessed it.. with killings and terrorists on the rampage, Mike is the only one that can save the day.

The terrorist want to start a Nuclear War, but their main objective is to blow the US’s Nukes up in their silos..

From the moment I started watching this.. I thought well that Protocol would have been enforced.. And all the codes that the President and his aides knew… with regards to launching a missile attack would have been changed the minute it became evident that the President was being held a hostage.

To me it was a film that was trying to mimic  a Die Hard film, without the charm, charisma and classic Yippie Ki-Yay Mother******* line of John McClane, played by my favourite … Bruce Willis.

Yep I know Bruce, might be getting a little too old for all this action.. but please film Producers don’t try to imitate the magic of Die Hard Films.. it doesn’t work unless Bruce is in them.

The only good thing about this film is that it starred Morgan Freeman.

Rating 1½ stars out of 5

Gold Star half star


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