Titanic Theme Park

Titanic theme parkIs it just me or does anyone else think this is a bit sick… and I don’t mean in the good sense either.

According to Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group, as reported in the Daily Record.. wants to create a theme park where:

“We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects.

“They will think ‘The water will drown me, I must escape with my life’.”

On that fateful night in 1912, over 1500 people, mainly men, perished in the icy cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Women and children also perished.. and those that did survive, had to live with the horrendous memories of watching that ship sink and their loved ones drowning.  They had to hear the screams of those perishing.. sounds that must have haunted them for eternity.

Yes the sinking Titanic has held people captive for many years, what with watching the films, the documentaries on how this unsinkable ship actually sunk.  The story of the Titanic is captivating and still today are spell-bound by the events of that fateful night..

But a theme park.. come on.. that is gross…

It would be like someone building a ride where you are experiencing the falling of the Twin Towers.. sorry but some things are not for amusement .. and the Titanic is just one of those things in my opinion.

Do I really want to experience what real people went through on that night?  Do I want to experience the fear, the panic of knowing that I am going to die.. as this ship sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?…… NO.

Please can we show some respect for those people that did lose their lives and not turn a tragic event, where people did actually lose their lives,  into some amusement ride?  Yes to create a replica of the Titanic so that people can see it as say a museum is one thing.. but a shaking ship, that makes people feel as if they are going to drown.. is just bloody insensitive to memory of those that died, in my opinion..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. vastlycurious.com says:

    No I do not like it either.


    1. Bren says:

      The more I think about it the more I find it ghoulish.


  2. mila says:

    Terrible….just a lack of anything better to come up with..no imagination


    1. Bren says:

      I can’t believe that people would want to experience such a traumatic event.. it makes me shudder.. to think of how those people died and now some bloke is set to rake in the millions on a theme park which simulates such a heinous event.


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