Memory Lane – Our Tune

our tuneAtrip down memory lane.. a blast from the past… Well join me on that journey of what mid morning meant in the 80’s and 90’s.

Yes it was Radio One and Simon Bates and is ‘Our Tune’.  My god at times there was never a dry eye in our office.. we would sit at our desks and shed tears as he read out those stories…

Yes coffee would be made just before ‘Our Tune’ started at precisely 11 am and we would sit there and listen tentatively to the hardship and loss that a person was suffering.  The soft soothing voice of Simon Bates just made your heart melt as he read out viewers letters about their hardships, their relationship and whatever else they wanted him to play as ‘Our Tune’.  Some stories had happy endings.. others not.. but nothing could stop you tuning in.  Even on non-working days, at 11 am I would stop and listen to ‘Our Tune’

Now I am one of the hardest people going.. cry for humans.. it really does have to be sad for me to shed a tear.. but when an animal is involved that is it .. I cry like a baby..  And one particular ‘Our Tune’ story was how a woman had lost so much that all she had left in life, was her dog and it was her dog that made get up in the morning, it was her dog that made her see the day through and she wanted to dedicate a song to her dog … my god that was it.. tears flowing, Kleenex at hand and coffee getting cold cos I couldn’t stop sobbing.

When Simon Bates resigned from Radio 1 in 1993.. ‘Our Tune’ was no more.. However, Simon Bates did revive ‘Our Tune’ at a later date on Smooth Radio.. but for us workers back in the 90’s it was no more.. because all we had in our office was a radio and we didn’t have a TV in office to watch the televised versions of ‘Our Tune’ that were being shown firstly on BBC1’s Good Morning with Anne and Nick and then Sky One.  During that period he took the ‘Our Tune’ slot to Talk Radio and it was broadcast at 9.45 am.. which was far too early, plus we liked to listen to Radio 1.

You knew exactly when to get the tissues and as soon as this music started.. that was it up went the volume and down came the tears…

According to Wiki Simon Bates on the On 17 August 2010 whilst broadcasting at Smooth Radio revived ‘Our Tune’.  Sadly though 3 years later on the 27th September 2013, Simon Bates announced that ‘Our Tune’ was going into recess and that day’s broadcast was the last one.

Today whilst looking for something else.. I stumbled upon the Twitter account of ‘Our Tune‘ and just like us back in the 90’s people are upset that ‘Our Tune’ has once again been removed from the air-waves…

I suspect it will return on another radio show.. but those days back in the 80’s and 90’s were special times.  Even our boss.. had to join us to listen to ‘Our Tune’.. and I do miss those days in that Office.  An office that was filled with laughter, and a place that made every day pleasurable at work.  There was no targets.. there was no.. I am a big fish you are a little fish and you will do exactly what I tell you.. There was no bitching, fighting or backstabbing, unlike what you see today.

And ‘Our Tune’ was part of our office and the day they stopped broadcasting ‘Our Tune’ on Radio 1.. was one of the saddest days ever.


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  1. says:

    The song was kind ‘o a teary one too. I remember that album, my mother used to play it over and over !


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