‘I’m so sorry, I have to go… I love you’

hayley and royAccording to the Daily Mail those are the final words that Hayley Cropper says to her husband before taking her own life.

Many viewers have been watching Coronation Street riveted to their TV’s at this storyline, yet dreading those final moments when Hayley Cropper takes her own life.  Hayley is dying of pancreatic cancer.. she doesn’t want to go through the pain of the final stages of this terminal illness.. she wants and will end her life on her terms..

Yesterday I read an article written in the Daily Mirror by Fleet Street Fox.. where she broached this subject… a subject that many of us want to talk about yet dread talking about.

Death is going to happen to all of us.. not one of us is going to be exempt… Though we might want to evade the inevitable.. unfortunately one day we are going to have to face it.. head on.

Fleet Street Fox wrote:

We wouldn’t treat a dog that way and if we did, the RSPCA would be around to prosecute us for cruelty. Why is it all right to insist that our loved ones feel more pain than the family pet?

How true is that?  Very… so why do we do this?  We can make decisions about in our lives almost about everything.. we can decide whether to get married or not.. we can decide as to whether we want children or not.. we make decisions daily.. even our own Government make decisions on a daily basis that affect each and every one of us.. yet when it comes to our final moments on earth.. nobody wants to hold a full discussion about it yet alone change the law.. so that terminal patients can have a dignified death..

If the Church can embrace and accept marriages and civil partnerships between two people of the same sex.. then the Church should also except that we should be able to take our own lives if we are faced with terminal illness.

Normally I don’t comment on the Daily Mirror but upon reading that article by Fleet Street Fox I felt compelled and I wrote this:

You’ve hit the nail on the head.. if we made an animal suffer like we make human beings suffer, we would be hauled before the courts and banned from keeping animals… I want to decide when and where.. and I don’t want to be sitting there dribbling, stinking of pee and not knowing who the person is in front of me who has kindly come to visit. I want to end my life with dignity and to be honest it is about time the law changed…

I am all for euthanasia, and agree we have to protect the vulnerable but for one I don’t want to have to be high on morphine because I can’t bare the pain and I don’t want to drift in and out of conciousness, only to find those that love me are deeply troubled and disturbed at what they are seeing.. FFS this is my life.. let me make the decision when I end it.. not some bureaucrat who doesn’t have a bloody clue.

And I stand by every word of it.. the thought of my family having to endure the pain of visiting me with Alzheimer’s and me asking those that love me who they are, is an agony I don’t want to put my family through.  With Alzheimer’s things aren’t going to improve.. everyday who I am and who I was… will be fading from me.. I will be a person that doesn’t know who they were and who they loved… and the thought of that fills me with fear.

dignitasQuality of life.. most definitely not… I would be existing… purely being kept alive because the law doesn’t permit me a dignified death.  If diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I suppose I could take myself off to Switzerland before this dreadful disease did get hold of me and whilst I had the majority of my marbles.. but to me that seems unfair.. that I have to terminate my life a little prematurely just so that I am in as sound mind as needed to sign the declaration that I know what I am doing and I want to take this cocktail of barbiturates that will end my life.

It might be years before I am to the stage that I don’t remember my loved ones or I am a danger to myself.. yet in order for those close to me, not to be prosecuted I have to end my life when I am relatively sane.  I have to die, in a Country that is not my homeland.

I will end with another quote from the Daily Mirror article where Fleet Street Fox write:

It strikes me as bizarre and inhumane that when an animal faces inevitable death we make their end as calm and painless as possible, and when a human faces the same we make them suffer.

Bizarre..inhumane and definitely cruel to make a person suffer like we do.. just like an animal we should allow a human being the right to a dignified death at the time of their choosing and above all in a calm and painless manner.

Taking ones life is not an easy decision to make.. but knowing you are going to die in pain or not knowing your loved ones, is an agony that many of us don’t want to have to face.


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