School fees, school fines.. whatever next

closedforsummer_colorAnd we have another nanny state decision made by this Government… FFS when are these people going to realise that the average Joe Soap in the street doesn’t have an endless pit of money, or their wife is not an heiress and they have not just had a £11,000+ pay rise.

Today a family have been taken to court because they took their children on holiday… yes their crime was to take their children to Rhodes for a week at the end of September 2013.

School attendance rulesA holiday they had booked the previous year without realising the rule changes that came into force on the 1st September 2013.

Today they appeared in Court and were ordered to pay £993 in fines and costs.. yes if they had paid the original £360 for breaking the rules, it would have been cheaper..

But come on how the hell do they warrant a £360 fine?  You park on a double yellow you get £60 fixed penalty and it is halved if paid within 14 days.

You get a fixed penalty speeding fine and it is nowhere near as expensive as not sending your child to school.

Now let us take a look around our work places.. how many of your colleagues have children that are at school?.. Are companies going to be in a position to allow the vast majority of their workforce to take a couple of weeks during the Summer Holidays in order so that parents don’t break the rules?

And what about all those men and women in the forces… are the Forces going to allow their service people who have a family with children at school to come off of manoeuvres or active duty so that they can go on holiday as a family during the summer holidays.

And don’t tell me the schools have other holidays where children can go on holiday.. well the Christmas period alone in England was not the perfect holiday weather was it?  Not ideal for a candy floss and ice-cream playing on the beach in Brighton.. FFS..

Mr Sutherland, told the BBC:

… it was his first family holiday for five years because his job as a Ministry of Defence (MoD) guard had prevented him from taking annual leave during the school holidays.

He works 12-hour day and night shifts at MoD Donnington in Telford.

I really can’t see why this rule has been imposed.. to allow families to have 10 days annual leave within a school term is in my opinion… warranted.

Let us look at example from Thomson Holidays… 2 Adults, 3 children aged 15, 10 and 5 (one child at each level of schooling) Departing July 15th July 2014July 2 adults 3 childrenSame search Departing August 12th

August 2 adults 3 childrenAs you can see both are during High Season.. but one price, the highest, is during the Summer Holidays.

Here are some more examples:

brisa 2

brisa 1cerro 2cerro 1

bodrum 1bodrum 2And take a look at all those child free places if you travel in June..

Now if travel firms know that family holidays with children at school are only going to be taken during school holidays.. well they know damn well they only way to make their money would be to up their prices..

So, if this Government wants to bring in something like this.. how about making it illegal for holiday firms to increase their prices during the school holidays.

Failing that how about a national shut-down during August.. oh can’t do that because all those that work in the travel industry will be on friggin holiday.

And if anyone believes that taking a child out of school for a two-week holiday is going to turn them into some backward student who will never catch up.. then they are seriously deluded.


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  1. John Bull says:

    Don’t tell me that those teachers who get their freebie term-time skiing trip every year are going to give them up. Not a chance.

    And don’t tell me that they are actually any more educational than many of the holidays that families take which include free coaching in diving and other water sports.

    When I was at school a few decades ago it was normal for many families to take holidays during the term because of commitments of one kind or another. I am certain it did none of us any harm. From my secondary class came doctors (3), lawyers (2), dentists (2), vets (1), university lecturers (4, one a professor at Durham), senior civil servants (2, one being myself), and one Police Superintendent among other occupations. I know that at least four of us regularly took holidays at odd times because I was Rugby Captain and the team suffered. However our education didn’t, that’s for sure.


    1. Bren says:

      Exactly… and decades ago I can’t remember children in primary and even infant school having homework.. And we didn’t start school until we turned 5.. Now they seem to be thrown into some sort of school at 3 coming on 4.. They still need their mum at that age.. and they need to learn to play.

      There again, all the teachers that have spoken out and agreed with this couple being hauled before the courts.. I wonder if it is because they could be a bit peed off that they can’t get cheap holidays.. 😀


  2. Ginz says:

    I have put up with the state education system in this country for a cumulative total of 51 years and every single year has been a trial and a tribulation. My children have come out with fab grades but not because of any government initiative, autocratic rule book, demonstrative teaching regime, but because before they went to school, before any government intervention was even possible from the day they were born to right up to the current day, they have been found learning a joy (and I don’t mean school-led learning). They have enjoyed assimilating information, researching it, evaluating it, assessing it, using it, etc etc etc. Oh wait! They have enjoyed living and gathering the necessary resources to have better lives! And what haven’t they enjoyed – the bully boy tactics employed by the education system that can paralyse the joy in learning! And you know what I haven’t enjoyed those bully boy tactics either – the nanny state that devalues the very people that give the citizens of this country breath – the parents! If you devalue society long enough the outcome will be horrific! These ridiculous laws and legislation need to stop now before any more damage is done! Learning needs to become enjoyable then everyone will want to embrace it and parents don’t need to be seen and treated like the poor relations in the system! Dear lord – it’s not rocket science!!!


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for a well written comment.. I wholeheartedly agree with every word you say. This government is now on about obesity in children.. well kids today get far too much homework in my opinion… they come home from studying all day and then study some more.. by the time they have had their dinner.. that is it bath and bed.

      So when are they supposed to exercise, socialise? I couldn’t believe it when my friend told me that her 7 year old son has to do homework at night. If they can’t cram in the learning curriculum during school days, then either they need to cut down on the holidays or stop trying to cram everything in.

      Kids need to relax… they need chill out time… they need to do things that are not mentally draining.. I have never known a society where so many children are on anti-depressants .. FGS if kids can’t cope with the pressures of schooling.. and they are forced to take medication.. something in the system is wrong.


  3. says:

    I completely agree with you. How sad that a family outing cannot be construed as an education in nurturing the family unit which is fast fading.


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