Pissed off Britain…

ujack1It is hardly surprising that there is discontent within Britain.. especially when we are being told the economy is doing better and we are on the road to recovery, yet our incomes are nowhere near as high as they should be and our standard of living is well below what it was prior to the recession.

Whilst families struggle to make ends meet and have to rely on food banks in order to feed their families and people, whether they are old or young having to decide whether to heat their home or eat, it is hardly surprising that the people of Britain are getting, to put it politely, pissed off.  I know I am.

And what makes the austerity issues even more hard to take is when India can send a rocket to Mars as part of their $1 billion space programme and we are still sending them aid  and China also has a space programme, and yet we send the Chinese, who happen to be the world’s second most biggest economy, £27.4 million in aid.

From where I am sitting if you can afford a space programme.. you don’t need another countries aid.. simples.

Our own young people, can’t even secure a proper job, yet alone afford to rent a home or better still buy one.. people who were born and bred in little villages up and down Britain, can’t stay close to family simply because they can’t afford the price of the homes in their area… Homes that have been snapped up by people wanting a second home.. away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  Homes that often sit vacant for weeks on end..   The younger generation and even the middle-aged are being forced out of the housing market in their home towns..

With the price of homes, either in the rental or purchase sectors, people are finding it hard to get a mortgage or pay the astronomical rents.  They can’t even get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder.. yet alone be in a position to be able to move on and purchase a better home as they advance in their careers.

Sorry but if you can afford a second home.. then you should be taxed heavily on it.. you can only live in one home at a time.. Perhaps if this Government decided to take the bull by the horns and class second homes as a really luxury and not allow them to have lower council tax discounts which could range from 0-50% for their second homes.

Ah but this Government can’t do that, can it?  Because half of the bloody members of parliament have second homes..and some even have property portfolios.. oh what luxury it must be to walk the corridors of Westminster.. Second homes, expenses, allowances, and not forgetting the £11K pay rise.  I have seen jobs paying less than £11K.. and yet this Government expects people to manage on that kind of money.. get real Dishface… most of us can’t afford to pay £90 every few weeks for a haircut.  In fact most of use can’t afford to pay £90 for a haircut at all.  In fact the only thing we do give our hairdressers is a tip.. whereas Dishface can and did hand his a MBE.

Yes Immigration the word.. the hottest topic of all, where each political party blames the other for the rules.. no… the rules are enforced by Brussels… and we like village idiots just moan, whine and do nothing about them.  And as for this referendum on Europe.. it is now we need it.. not after the next General Election.. and yes Britain does need to gain some of its powers back from Brussels… including who can come and live and work in this Country.

And what makes it even more of a bitter pill to swallow, is the fact, that immigrants who come to work in this country can claim child benefit, even though their children are not living in Britain.  Sorry child benefit should be payable only to families who have children living in Britain..  David Cameron promises to stop this when he claims Britain’s powers back from the EU.  Somehow I don’t see this happening.. but who knows I could be wrong.

General-Formation-ImageCompanies are constantly out bidding each other to get contracts and when they acquire a contract at such low tender rates.. the only way to save money is to have cheap labour… And that is where the immigrants come in.. they are prepared to work for a lower wage than the average British worker.. and why, because the average British Worker can’t afford to take a low-paid job…. especially if he is trying to buy a home and does not have children or has children that have flown the next…

The truth of the matter is this.. everything has gone up.. food, gas, electricity, petrol, etc.. but the wages have in some cases gone down… I know that to be true because in the building industry there have been more pay cuts than pay rises.

You know in Football.. a team can only have so many foreign players.. perhaps it is time that companies were forced into a position where they could only employ a certain percentage of immigrants… the main work force has to be made up of British Workers.

Human rights.. of FFS, what gets me is when criminals human rights becomes more important than the human rights of the victim… Sorry but if you want to venture down the road of criminal activity, be prepared to pay harshly for it.. and if you violate someone else’s rights.. then you forsake your own.

armed policeNo person in this world wants to hear about Police shooting and killing people.. but unfortunately it happens… Yes there are questions to answer in the Mark Duggan case but what we are forgetting here is, he had a gun…

Perhaps it is time we, as human beings, took responsibility for our own actions.. we know full well that carrying a gun or an offensive weapon on the streets of Britain is illegal.. so by carrying that gun or weapon we should accept that we are putting ourselves in danger… And nobody needs to carry a gun or offensive weapon.  And the only people who do carry them are carrying them to either threaten others or to use that weapon in some sort of crime.. they are not carrying it as a fashion accessory are they?

I know it is hard.. but perhaps if people accepted the fact that if you carry a weapon, you are breaking the law and you are putting yourself in danger and if you get shot by the Police you only have yourself to blame.

When a police officer, is armed, he receives intelligence.. and when confronted with a person carrying a gun.. that officer doesn’t know if it is real, a replica and whether or not it is loaded..  If a gun is pointed at them.. they have to make a split second decision.. and decide whether they are in danger or not.. In most cases, the person lays down their weapon and the armed officer can stand down.. but in the cases where someone gets shot.. perhaps the questions should be asked as to why this person was carrying a weapon?  What were they planning on doing with that weapon?  Who supplied them with that weapon? And above all who did they intend to use that weapon on?

When a wholly innocent person is killed or maimed by the Police, then have all the inquiries that cost the tax payer money.. but come on.. let us toughen up a bit here and accept that by carrying a weapon you put yourself in a position where you could lose your life… because normal people don’t walk around with guns and knives.

Britain was a global power in yesteryear.. we were a force to reckon with.. but now.. I think we must be the laughing stock of the world.. If any Government wants the Great back into Britain, then they are going to have to get those powers that we gave away, back from Brussels… we should be able to make our own laws, human rights acts, and decide who will be allowed to enter into Britain.. and who should be deported.  I am all for the European Union in order to trade. but as for the single currency, no Britain should keep the pound… and Britain should really force the EU to invoke another treaty.. one that is beneficial not just to Britain but to other countries as well.


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