Film Review – Star Trek The Edge of Darkness

edge of darknessThese are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Now before you all get worried.. no I haven’t turned into a Sci-Fi Trekkie… who is about to go to the next convention dressed as Uhura.. dressed in a skimpy little red number.

This is the review of the non-trekkie who was forced to endure nearly two hours of Star Trek – The Edge of Darkness… not only that I had to endure it wearing a set of 3D glasses.. that do not leave any fashion statement whatsoever.  Of course came the obligatory explanation that the glasses I was wearing were ‘active’ and not ‘passive’.  Yep that whooshed straight over my head with a fake smile and a look of ‘Yep dear I understood every word of that.’

3d tvAnyway back to the film.. the 3D effects were good.. especially when the space ship looked as if it was coming for you.  But personally once you have seen one Star Trek movie you have seen them all.. but this time there was the added bonus of Benedict Cumberbatch who played the baddie Khan.. Yes even in Star Trek the classic dark coat was part of his attire…

The film starts out with the SS Enterprise on a mission with Captain James T Kirk at the helm.. whilst evading capture from a primitive planet.. and whilst trying to stop a Volcano from erupting Kirk breaks the Prime Directive.. whilst saving Spook… and pays the ultimate price by losing his rank.

The story then continues, with a Star Fleet Officer being offered, Khan, the chance of saving his dying daughter.  By the miracle of Khan the child’s vitals regain normality but the cost of this miracle results in Khan demanding a high price, and in London, the start of the fight begins with the destruction of a Star Fleet Archive Headquarters…

After the horrific London attack, orchestrated by Khan, Captain Pike persuades Star Trek to allow him to have James T. Kirk as his First Officer.. With friction between him and Spook, things will not be plain sailing.. Whilst the Captains, First Officers etc are meeting to discuss the London attack.. Kirk hesitantly speaks out and tells those gathered around the table that the next attack will be them.. Before Kirk finishes his sentence Khan, with super strength attacks the Federation one more time.. in which Kirk’s Captain is killed..

Now with war raged against Star Fleet, by Khan, who is now on a mission to destroy Star Fleet, no-one, and no place is safe…

Kirk is then made Captain.. with the directive of to hunt down and kill Khan..

The special effects of the film are great … and all in all if you are a Star Trek fan it is a film you will enjoy.. but I can’t get to grips as to why there is two Spooks… Yes the hubby has explained it.. but unfortunately it is not sinking in… all this parallel worlds etc..

One thing I will say…though Chris Pine who plays Kirk, really does have the character off to a tee… and you can see the traits of William Shatner in the character and how he played Kirk.

Not at bad movie

Rating 3½ Stars out of 5

Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star half star


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