From Ukraine, through to a missing plane and Sharia Law.

Well let me apologise for not blogging for a while.. but I have had things to do in real life.. plus the fact… my body has been aching again with this flaming PMR.  But today, I want to vent my anger and give my opinions on the major global events that have been in our papers and on the news lately.


Now let me get this right, as far as I can understand it.. in the simplest of terms is this:

Ukraine ProtestA duly elected Government decides to agree a deal with Russia and the people wanted the Government to sign up with to deal that was being offered by the EU.  So because the Government didn’t do what the people wanted, the people decided to hold mass protests, target buildings, set alight various places, and fought with Police and troops.

Eventually they overthrew the Government and have now placed themselves in Power and the whole of the world’s leaders (except Putin) are now dealing with the people who overthrew the duly elected democratic Government.  David Cameron our Prime Minister is standing there dealing with a Government which has not been elected and he says that is OK.

So I have to ask myself this… if Mr Cameron thinks this is the right way to go about changing an elected Government, would he accept this kind of behaviour on our streets and in our Capital?

You see, I can’t see the difference really because in the past Governments, including our current one, have cosied up with the EU and allowed this country to be dictated to by Brussels over our own laws and what we should and shouldn’t allow in this country. So based on the events of what have happened in Ukraine, surely if Cameron agrees to the way an elected Government was overthrown, we should have the right to hit the streets of London, oust the Tories, banish the Labour and put the Lib Dems in stocks whilst putting UKIP into Power.  Because you see there are a lot of people who want to break away from Europe and see UKIP as the answer.

In reality I suppose it is a bit more complicated than that… but the basic principle is the same.  If you want democracy then the democratic way of change is via the ballot box and not on the streets. And I could imagine what the Bullingdon Club would have to say about that…. yes the people who hit the streets would be behind bars quicker than you can say Jack Robinson… they would be scum… a blight on our society… no way would they in this country be referred to people who are uprising against a corrupt, millionaires-handshake and deals for the boys Government.

Two words as far as I am concerned (make it three) – DOUBLE FRIGGIN STANDARDS.

Flight MH370


First of all, my condolences to the families, the victims and crew of Flight MH370.  My thoughts are with you at this sad and tragic time.

But as for the media circus that has surrounded this case… there has been much confusion given by the Malaysian authorities to the friends and families of those on that flight, that it doesn’t need the world’s media to speculate on how these people may have died.

How can a flight can literally go missing without trace?  Why is it possible that pilots of possible hijackers be allowed to switch transponders and ACAR’s off, is beyond me?  Surely these vital tracking devices should be hard wired into the planes navigational controls that nobody can switch them off.

Here we are weeks after the incident only to find that information given originally by various nations, that was debunked by the Malaysian Authorities, is now turning out to be correct.  Perhaps if the Malaysian authorities has spent as much time on admitting there were mistakes instead of saving face, this plane could and probably would have been found by now.

Days are running out fast… for the black box to be found. It won’t be long before that black box stops giving out a signal… and then it will be purely by fate if that aircraft is found.

It was only after many, many days that the search has taken the course it has with Australia now playing a prominent role and satellite images now being examined more vigorously that the search for this plane might draw to a close and those who have died be laid to rest.

Again my thoughts are with the families, and I can fully understand how frustrated they must feel, not knowing.  Living in limbo land as to whether their loved ones have perished or whether they are safe or being being held hostage.  It is no wonder the families have threatened to go on hunger strike to get to the truth.

Sharia Law

sharia-law-74628858356Now according to the Daily Mail, Shaira Law is going to be enshrined in British Legal system. as the Law Society send guidelines to Solicitors for them to deal with drawing up documents according to Islamic rules.

Come on … this is bad news for the United Kingdom.  We as a nation pride ourselves on equality.  Equality not just in religion but to women themselves.  Women have fought long and hard to get the vote…. with many laying down their lives in order to get women where they are today.

Sharia Law treats women as third rate citizens… by enshrining this our legal system is taking up back to the dark ages.

What are we going to allow next?  Stonings on street corners for women who have been raped… or for women who are lesbian?  Are we prepared to sit back and see a Muslim women denied her legal rights in a divorce?  Are we prepared to see a women lose what inheritance she is entitled to under UK Law?

If the laws of our land state that a women has the right to inherit her husbands estate should he die, then that is it.  It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Jewish or Harry Tate’s Army religion, we should all adhere to the law… and we should not allow one religious group to mock our laws and force their laws onto our constitution.  And as for this Government even allowing this to be carried out… it amazes me.  The mantra of this Government is, “We are all in this together.”  Well we are not if you allow Sharia Law to enshrined in our legal system, because you have just signed away every Muslim woman’s rights.  Well done…

I am off now to drink 399 pints of friggin lager so I can get one free….  thanks George… apart from making me more poorer than I was before the budget… you have now decided to ruin my liver in order for me to qualify for one of your tax breaks… 😛


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