RIP Peaches…

peaches geldofRest in Peace Peaches.  Yesterday the tragic news broke that Peaches Geldof, the daughter of the late Paula Yates and Bob Geldof died at her home in Wrotham.  The police have said it was a sudden unexplained death.

Peaches’s death has shocked not just journalists but normal people like me… Who would think a young woman of 25, who had turned her life around and found happiness and love, could depart this world so early.

Bob Geldof StatementPeaches Geldof, had a traumatic life, but she became an icon for young mothers.  She loved her children and her world revolved around her husband, sons, family and of course her dogs. Peaches just loved being a mum and it showed. The news that was released by news channels at roughly tea-time yesterday… was sad, heartbreaking and unbelievable.

Bob Geldof’s tribute to his daughter, was heartbreaking to read and hear when the news channels kept repeating his words.  I just hope that the media do the decent thing and leave him and his family alone to come to terms with what has happened and to grieve without press intrusion.  Please let them have the privacy they so deserve.  Bob Geldof said:

Peaches has died. We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.

Writing “was” destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable? We loved her and will cherish her forever. How sad that sentence is.

Tom and her sons Astala and Phaedra will always belong in our family, fractured so often, but never broken.

Bob, Jeanne, Fifi, Pixie and Tiger Geldof.

Tom Cohen, Peaches’s husband said..

“My beloved wife Peaches was adored by myself and her two sons Astala and Phaedra and I shall bring them up with their mother in their hearts every day. We shall love her forever. Thomas, Astala and Phaedra Geldof-Cohen.”

However the speculation has begun… the speculation on social media about how Peaches Geldof died… some saying it was an overdose, some saying it was suicide. For God’s sake this poor woman has been dead just a day.  How the hell can people speculate such things without knowing the cause of death?   Oh yes they say it was because of her past and what she used to do.  What they fail to see is that Peaches Geldof, cleaned up her act… she became a doting mother and wife.

Time will tell what happened and an autopsy report will determine her cause of death. So please, stop speculating about how and why she might have died.  Wait for the facts to emerge before casting your aspersions.

Even the Australian Media are getting in on the act… they are running a story about her diet fads and how she used to juice for a month in order to loose weight.. and could this be what killed her?

Today two families are coming to terms with the loss of someone they loved dearly. They don’t need the media to speculate on how she died and why?  They don’t need nasty internet trolls posting vile comments about Peaches.  What they do need is support, comfort and empathy.

And remember what Thumper’s dad told him…

If you can’t say something nice… then don’t say nothing at all.

Rest in Peace Peaches


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  1. Ann says:

    Totally agree with all that you have said Bren . This is a tragic loss of a beautiful young woman…a mother to two young sons, a wife and of course a daughter to Bob Geldof and a sister too. I pray that the media leave this family alone and let them grieve without digging up dirt and making up stories, just to sell newspapers. God bless Peaches, who is now with her mother..


    1. Bren says:

      Unfortunately Ann I can’t see the media leaving them in peace… which is rather sad. This family have been to hell and back several times… I just wish the media and the public would stop speculating. Today they are doing the autopsy… the results will hopefully tell us what caused Peaches to die.

      I just can’t imagine how they are coping…. a beautiful girl gone too soon.


  2. ginnietom says:

    too young…too beautiful…:-(


    1. Bren says:

      I know, I don’t think she ever come to terms with her mother’s death… and I think is probably why she resorted to drugs… Those poor children … history repeating itself.


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