What a friggin nutter…

Kim Jong-unYes I am talking about Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea.  And yet the world stands by and allows him to go to such inhumane extremes with regards to his own people.

It was only in December that this barbaric leader ordered the execution of his uncle and others… their crime… wanting a better North Korea and because Jong-un thought they were plotting things behind his back.

Then recently, in March, he decided to enforce the law that all men have his hair-cut… FFS what would happen if the Queen decided to enforce the rule that everyone should have hers and the Duke of Edinburgh’s hairstyles?

Today in the papers there are reports that Kim Jong-un has now executed another North Korean Official, not by firing squad like his uncle met his death, but by flamethrower. Although these reports have yet to be verified, if true, it just goes to show what a complete nutter Jong-un is.

Mind you we’ve know that for a while, according to an article in news.com.au, they write:

In 2012 a high-ranking army official accused of drunkenness during the official mourning period after the Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un’s father, was blown up with a mortar round after Kim Jong-un gave orders to leave “no trace of him behind, down to his hair”, the Telegraph reported.

And here we are as a world, doing absolutely nothing about what is happening to the people in North Korea.  Yes we poke our noses in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Ukraine, but we do absolutely NOTHING except issue strong words of condemnation when it comes to Kim Jong-un.

And the truth of the fact is we won’t intervene, because this man is such a nutter he is liable to press the big red button and launch a few nukes and start a world war.  And to stop that happening, we just condemn his actions and let the people of North Korea suffer.

He is just one nutter in this world, how long before there is another who threatens to launch a missile strike and acts barbaric to their people?  How long before some leader follows in the footsteps of Jong-un?  After all they have seen him get away with murder, literally, so why shouldn’t they have a go?

I don’t know what can be done… but with people like Jong-un in power, the world will never be a safe place.  And are we as human beings prepared to sit back and do nothing, out of fear?  Are we prepared to sit back and see humans executed by such barbaric methods?

What the solution is I don’t know… but hopefully one day North Korea will have a democracy where its people are not scared and have a leader that is for the people, who doesn’t resort to extreme violence and fear in order to curtail the voices of the people.


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