Sharia Law – The type of thing the suffragettes fought against.

Emmeline_Pankhurst2Suffragettes were the brave women that tirelessly fought for us women of today to be allowed to vote.  Chaining themselves to fences, even resorting to breaking the law, they through their sheer determination got us the vote.  Emmeline Pankhurst being the woman we most associate with the Suffragettes.

On the 4th of June, 2014, one hundred and one years ago, Emily Davison was killed by the Kings Horse at the Epsom Derby… many proclaim it was an accident, others say she died for the cause.  Whatever it may be… her believes were that women should get the vote.

Eventually in 1928 the vote was given to all women in the UK over the age of 21…

During the second world war, as men were sent to the front lines to fight for King and Country and our independence, women filled their shoes in factories, driving buses and many other male jobs.  Women through the decades fought for equal opportunities and they won.

Women of the UK, are not discriminated against nowhere near as bad as it was in the dark ages.  Believe it or not we are allowed now to fight along side Navy personnel and allowed to serve in submarines, and soon we will be allowed to fight on the front line in the Army.  With every decade that passes our rights and equalities gradually become on par with a man.

If a women is raped, she is allowed to be counselled, she has a right to justice and above all she is allowed empathy and compassion.  If a women marries a man of another faith she is welcomed into the vast majority of faiths.

INDONESIA-RELIGION-RIGHTSA woman of today should not have the fear of being gang raped and lashed because she had an indiscretion of falling in love with a married man.

Once in our society battery of women was frowned upon but never tackled.  Police would shy away from arresting a person, unless those men who religiously bashed their women on arriving home from the pub blind drunk and beating their spouses actually killed their spouse.  Now domestic violence is one of the things that all police forces have been told to tackle.

There is no place in our society for the man who thinks it is perfectly OK to beat his spouse and children, because he is their husband or their father.  Women should be protected and so should their children.   And as much as it pains me, there are some women who shouldn’t even have the title of ‘mum’.  Those are the women who stand back and let their children be physically or sexually abused… in my eyes any woman who sits back and allows her partner/husband to hit their children, throw them against walls or even smash plates over their heads are unfit mothers… simples.

ad_134995678No woman should have the fear of being sentenced to death and given 100 lashes,  because she changed her faith to marry the man she loves and refuses to return to Islam.

Meriam Ibrahim Ishag, is facing that sentence.  And her sentence is looming over her head, with the sentence due to be carried out 2 years after the birth of her child which is due in roughly a month.

I wrote a post earlier in the blog about this Country and how it is about to allow certain factions of Sharia Law (scroll down) to be enshrined into the British Legal system.  Sharia Law has NO respect for women whatsoever… Sharia Law should NOT be allowed to be part of our legal system.

To allow Sharia Law to be enshrined into our Legal System is demoralising every Muslim woman and throwing dirty water into the faces of the many women who laid down their lives for us to be equal, irrespective of our faith.  This country should denounce Sharia Law… it is against our ideals and beliefs and it is very detrimental to the many women who it will affect… The Muslim women living in our country have the same right of equality as those from any other religion.  We fought wars because of unjust actions of others.  Britain can’t afford to allow Sharia Law to tip its toe in our legal system, because to do so fails every Muslim women in Britain and what Britain should stand for… a free democratic country without suppression.


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