Ofsted, Gove, May and a whole lot of other w**kers…

gove and mayNow I don’t care if those at Westminster rip each other to shreds… I don’t care who wants to be leader of the Tory Party as long as someone ousts Dishface Cameron, the patronising, slimy git.

But what I do care about is this country of mine… and if schools are failing because Ofsted arrive announced then it has to change.  Yes Gove has said it will… but the question is has the damage already been done?

British Values

Of course British Values have to be taught in schools… our Country fought long and hard for our freedoms, with many wars raging close to home and around the globe. Men sacrificed their lives so that you and I can have freedom.  Yes we must respect other cultures and learn about them… but they MUST NOT take over and infest our children with thoughts of an ideology that many Muslims don’t even agree with.  The radicalisation of our children is something every parent fears.  And don’t think it is only happens with Muslim kids, because it doesn’t.  There are many Christians who revert to this form of ideology.  You only have to have one extremist preaching what is not acceptable, for those that are easily influenced to turn their backs on what is right and wrong and resort to such extremist measures and go off on their own crusade.

Spot Checks on Schools

Oh FFS, where was this Governments and every other Government before them brains?  Because it was definitely not in their heads… that is for sure.

If inspectors were visiting schools and announcing that they would be visiting in two days time, then it is clear as the nose on your face that the school would be cleaning up their act for that particular inspection.  If extremist radicalisation was prevalent in school, it would not be going on the days the inspectors were there, would it?  Logic tells you that.  Just like if you have someone coming to stay, you clean from top to bottom, make the menfolk clean the sink behind them, lower the toilet seat and make sure their dirty skiddies are not left all over the bedroom floor and the towels are folded properly.

Whereas if someone arrives unannounced then they are in for a shock if you don’t keep your home in order. 😀

You know, these people in Westminster have been to university, some were even part of the Bullingdon Club, and they ain’t got an ounce of common sense amongst them. There is more savvy in a saveloy at times, than those that sit on those front benches in Parliament.

Spot checks on Schools, shouldn’t be implemented now, it should have been implemented years ago, when we first hear of radical Preachers and extremists who were influencing citizens of this country.

The moral of the whole story is this, if you want to know if a school is failing, the inspectors should arrive unannounced.   That is the only way of putting schools into order and finding and dealing with those schools who have failed to deliver the curriculum that is what we expect of teachers and children.


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