UK Passport Office….


passport documentsAnother fiasco for this Government. Unbelievable isn’t it?  Allowing security checks to be relaxed.  For the life of me, maybe the Government didn’t know about this document relaxing security checks, but they sure as hell must have known about the chaos within the Passport Offices, where the departments couldn’t cope with the influx of passport applications.

You couldn’t make up this fiasco if you tried could you?

UK Passport Office – Blow us all to bits, why don’t you.

Yes that is worst case scenario, can you image it, extremists would have a field day knowing that these relaxations were being done, and proper checks were not being carried out.

The world we live in today is not a safe one, more the pity. Border control and passport checks should be paramount in safeguarding our people.  This is our first line of defence.  Whoever decided to relax these measures should be hauled before a committee and made to answer questions.  Of course that is after they lose their job, with no severance pay or golden handshake.

Just think of the all the fraudsters who also would have a field day…

But once again, this Government steps in, once again, when the horse has bolted they then decide to shut the stable door and the Home Secretary intervenes.

So why did this happen?

Simple really, it doesn’t need a lot of logic to work out, it happened because of austerity measures. And with departments like the Passport Office having their funding cut and having to trim staff to a bare minimum, they just couldn’t cope with the influx of applications.  So who is really to blame?f Yes the Government themselves for their policy of cuts, more cuts and then more cuts to departments within Whitehall.

But you have to ask yourself, did any passports get issued before this memo was leaked and there was an outcry?  Because if some did get issued without proper checks then I pray to God that there were none issued to those who had the intention of extremist behaviour or fraudulently using a passport to commit any other crime.

And will it get any better?  No is the simple answer.  Because people who are holidaying later will now rush to get their passports renewed or apply for one, just in case the backlog doesn’t get cleared and they are in the position of not being able to travel.

I am off on holiday in September 2015, and will be applying for our passports in a couple of months as our passports expired a few months ago.  Hopefully they will be through by September 2015. 😀

Here’s hoping those passports issued, so far, have not fallen into the wrong hands…


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