Should children of separated couples divide their time between their parents’ homes?

Psychologist Penelope Leach, whose parenting books have sold millions, has caused controversy by claiming that there’s evidence that separation from their mothers “reduces brain development” and might give rise to “unhealthy attachment issues”. Do other parenting experts agree?


What a load of bollocks… to put it bluntly. What causes children emotional distress and probably causes lack of brain development, is having to be piggy in the middle with two warring parents. Children are resilient, if a relationship breaks down children need to know that it is not their fault that mum and dad no longer live together and that both parents love them dearly.

They also need to bond with their fathers and having weekends at dad’s can be beneficial in developing that bond.

All the likes of this article does, is give ammunition for those women who refuse to allow their kids proper access with their fathers. Now they will use this as a reason why?

Unfortunately all too often, kids are used a tool to bash the absent parent with… and anybody who does that is not worthy of the title of mum or dad.


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